Saturday, February 25, 2006

Has Bush Cut Dick Cheney Loose?

Did the White House drop a dime on Dick Cheney? A couple of weeks ago - right around the time of the hunting accident - they mysteriously found a bunch of emails that had gone missing. The emails are not good news for Dick Cheney. One possible Karl Rove scenario: Cheney resigns, McCain comes in, and runs for President as V.P. The White House has already turned over Bush’s mailing list to McCain so they’re onboard. Why would Cheney agree? For a pardon on Bush’s way out. These emails were probably never lost. “Finding” them seems to indicate they’re going to cut Cheney loose, after the 2006 Elections are safely rigged and over.

Jason Leopold | White House 'Discovers' 250 Emails Related to Plame Leak


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