Thursday, March 30, 2006

Framing the Issue: The Spin Goes On

One of the pitfalls of an administration that exists to spin, is that they are always framing an issue. This often comes in the form of a question – the recent one being, “Why is the media only reporting the bad news from Iraq, and not the good news?” So for the ensuing days the media is caught up in the parameters of the question, and the new balance revolves around the unreported good news.
That is a victory for Karl Rove and company, because half of the real question has disappeared without a trace. That part of the question is, “Are things in Iraq even worse than what we are seeing in the media?” I am certain the answer to that is yes. We haven't seen this war. Not really. How many hundreds of ugly little scenes are occurring out of view? How many sectarian killings, death squads, and other mayhem go on without our knowledge? I saw one account that said the defense ministry had advised Iraqis not to obey any police or security forces, unless they are accompanied by American forces. Nobody can be trusted.
If the American public saw what was really going on in Iraq, public opinion would change in a day. Instead we’re getting a highly censored, clean war-lite. Even our own returning dead are hidden from view. And what are we seeing? Plenty of smoking cars, and pools of blood, but no half-dead children calling for help. The reality of Iraq is 10,000 times worse than anything we see on our TVs. And the shameless bastards at the White House have the nerve to ask for better coverage, so we can get a fuller picture of what is going on.


At 8:41 AM, Blogger I am an american fundamentalist said...

same ole war as every single war ever fought....the brave fight and die so the pissy ass cowards can stay home in safety and bitch,moan,complain,cry all the while holding each others hands and taking side with the enemy who WILL KILL THEM IF THEY GET THE CHANCE!

At 8:29 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bill, your questions might find answers like: while we have the Iraq borders sealed tight except US materiel, every square foot of Iraqi dirt is under 24/7 surveillance, and there are no factories for bombs who supplies the roadside IRE ordnance?

Looks like Iraq War is US taxpayers' Army One against US taxpayers' Army Two. Both sides are our people. A military 'exercise' -- Black Army vs. Red Army (they're both our army) -- using Iraq as the 'exercise zone.'

No wonder Rummy and Jughead are so convinced they know their murdering is going to go on forever. They could NOT have one side win !! Because then US troops would have to come home.


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