Monday, March 20, 2006

The Vice President Sinks To Another Level

Never mind that in the approval polls Dick Cheney is now one point below swamp gas, he’s still trying to sink lower. Yesterday he appeared on “Face the Nation”, and fired a shotgun off in the face of the truth. When asked about his statement that we would be greeted as liberators in Iraq, he responded that his statements about Iraq were “basically accurate and reflect reality.” This was a new strategy in the Bush White House. You revisit old lies and try selling them again. They must believe we’re so worn down from the incessant B.S. that we’re capable of falling for anything. And you know what? They could be right.
Maybe in another year they’ll begin to insist that Katrina was not, in fact, a hurricane at all. It was merely a strong breeze overblown by the media. Finally by 2008, Dick Cheney will begin denying that we ever went into Iraq. The whole thing was just a horrible fabrication to make the President look like an idiot.
By the way, Cheney’s also begun making sly little macho references to shooting his friend in the face with a shotgun. As predicted, this is going to be a part of his schtick from now on. Maybe in another couple of years, it’ll turn out he really fired the weapon in combat in Fallujah. Or maybe it was a simple fishing accident that the press got hold of and blew out of proportion. Frankly, I can’t wait to hear what he comes up with next. This is becoming quite a spectator sport. The Truth according to Dick Cheney – Basically accurate if you overlook the lying part. Remember Cheney’s comment about the insurgency being in its “death throes”? The only thing that’s in its death throes is what’s left of his credibility.


At 3:33 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cheney had credibility?

At 3:58 PM, Blogger Bill McDonald said...

Wow, a comment from the one true b!X. How cool is that? When I attended the tram meeting, I wondered how you ever managed to endure all those city meetings. That was quite an effort. Nice to hear from you.


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