Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Missing Link Located Between Sea and Land Creatures

Its snout was sticking out of a cliff in plain view. And it might as well be saying, “Gotcha!” to Creationists and their 6,000-year world view. Excuse me, 6 thousand years for the entire universe. One of the mantras of Creationism is the lack of transitional species, even though there are some. But what about leaving the sea and going to land? Where is a transitional species here? Ask no more. Unless this is an elaborate fake, you are looking at a creature that has some characteristics of a fish and others of a croc. This is the missing link. Don’t get me wrong. I realize the religions of the world have invested way too much energy marketing their world views to concede defeat. So the predictable stories of hoaxes will emerge, before the final go-to position is rolled out, dusted off, and floated for another day. If all else fails creationists can claim this was the work of Satan, planted here to lead us away from the Truth.
Did you ever wonder what the world would be like if we cleaned the slate and started again without these ancient religions? What about if we adopted the Santa Claus doctrine: Be good for goodness sake? Suddenly there’d be so much less to fight about. Who knows? We may all see ourselves as one people, the inhabitants of the planet earth. Then we could embrace what I believe is our true mission: To head out into our solar system and beyond. It doesn’t have to end, folks. This little 3-ft fossil might be bearing a message for you: Relax, you don’t know it all. Enjoy the mystery, and don’t think less of anyone else because they don’t see it your way.
BBC NEWS | Science/Nature | Arctic fossils mark move to land


At 1:18 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Mr. 10,000 hits, that sounds a lot like something from the 60's.You know you can never take enough hits in a lifetime.

At 2:03 PM, Blogger Bill McDonald said...

AZ, I admit I experimented with marijuana as a young man, but only a railroad boxcar full. But it looks like you might have had a few hits before sending that comment in, 'cause, dude, you sent it to the wrong post. The 10,000 hit post is the one below this with the cake. This one's about a dinosaur fossil, which, coincidentally, was what I was turning into when I quit the chronic.


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