Monday, May 08, 2006

Guess Who's In The Washington Post This Morning?

My sister saw my joke in the Washington Post this morning. I know this follows the comedy glory bit below so I'm in danger of flaming too much, but the timing is out of my hands. It is cool when they examine a body of jokes and pick yours. It's times like these I wish the President read the newspaper. Still, think of the people in Washington who probably did see this today. Are you there, Karl?
Frankly, for all the praise Letterman gets and deserves, they didn't do him any favors with their choice of his work. O'Brien was okay, but you tell me who delivered the most? It also dawned on me that the Washington Post sounds more like a blog name now than a newspaper. They picked a name that makes great blogging sense, as bloggers post things. Nice going.

"Target in Chief
Are stumbling presidents just plain funny? Does sinking in the polls produce a rising tide of ridicule? Do millionaire comedians like kickin' 'em when they're down? You bet. The number of late-night jokes about George W. Bush has more than doubled this year -- with almost a third of them mocking his intelligence, followed by his declining popularity, his personality, the Dubai ports deal and the war in Iraq. Jay Leno, David Letterman and Conan O'Brien averaged 45 Bush jokes a month last year, says the Center for Media and Public Affairs. But for the first three months of this year, they have popped the president 102 times a month.
Leno: "The president does not like change in personnel. He likes to keep the same people. I think he got this from having the same third-grade teacher year after year."
Letterman: "According to a recent poll, three out of five Americans believe George W. Bush should be impeached. And when he heard that, the president said, 'Cool, I love peaches.' "
O'Brien: "In a speech yesterday -- this is true -- President Bush told the Iraqi people to, this is a quote, 'Get governing.' Then, the president introduced his new speechwriter, Larry the Cable Guy."
The ridicule factor is a pretty decent political barometer. In 1998, the number of late-night jokes about Bill Clinton more than doubled -- to more than 140 a month -- as the Lewinsky affair launched endless punch lines about the president as horndog. In Bush's case, his rocky performance has revived the old stereotype of W. as dim bulb, or perhaps made it safer to skewer the president than, say, in the sober aftermath of 9/11."


At 10:02 AM, Blogger Kim Upham said...

Bill, thanks for the update on the cottage industry that is Bush joke writing. Speaking of which, how can I get on the Leno fax team? If I send you my jokes and you think they're funny will you help me get a foot in the door? Best,


At 10:31 AM, Blogger Bill McDonald said...

Leno's team is set for the duration. The time to get in the door was in the 90s. I'd try and find another comedian who is on the rise. I also had a contract with Bill Maher years ago. Send your stuff around and find the next big thing. Who knows? It might even be Adrian Chen - the kid who did the videos at Candidates Gone Wild this year.

At 12:40 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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