Thursday, October 26, 2006

Big Brother: "It's Worse Than You Can Imagine"

I was talking with someone recently during my mini-vacation who said he was a computer expert. He obviously knew something about the computer business from the inside - data bases and the like. The person appeared credible although who really knows? The subject of the NSA came up and this guy said he had a family member who was also in the business, and who had been given a demonstration of the NSA data base as part of a pitch for some kind of system. They entered his relative's name and the NSA base came up with several choices. They entered his address and there was a display of tons of personal information, including who had lived there before. This was disconcerting enough but then they saw a flag on his data with some kind of phrase like "Propensity to commit a crime" or "Potential to Commit Crime". This was apparently based on a parking ticket that he had disputed. Welcome to the Jungle.


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