Friday, October 06, 2006

Rush Limbaugh and the Page "Prank"

Ex-Congressman Mark Foley is one lonely guy. I heard he just had computer sex with aol's tech support. Wait, that's a vicious lie. Aol does not have tech support. Okay, let's get serious:

Rush Limbaugh's theory that the current sex scandal was a page prank gone awry, reminded me of his spin on Abu Ghraib - the Iraqi prison where detainees were sometimes tortured to death. Rush called it a simple case of hazing.
It's a standard tactic - he knows you don't put the counter-story out right away. You wait a day or two when the initial impact fades and then you start spinning your dark little heart out. The beauty is that the real truth doesn't matter. If subsequent stories show he's wrong, there will still be a significant percentage of his audience who will forever associate the page scandal with a prank - or at least till this thing fades. Then years from now they'll comment on blogs and insist that everyone knows it was all just thought up by Bill Clinton.

The sick thing about the hazing-torture comment was that there were pictures in the initial batch released - and the only batch on the media - of at least one Iraqi who had died during interrogation. I know, I know. You'll say that sometimes college kids die during hazing, too, so Rush wasn't wrong. But Rush is wrong. It wasn't hazing. It was torture. Ironically, Rush went out of his way to deny that, and now everyone admits it was true. In fact, torture is now the law of the land.

Here's my take on the Foley scandal: Somewhere in these years this involved physical contact with the kids. He wasn't just jerking off during a Congressional Vote. He was having sex with underage boys. That's my guess. I also believe that when Dennis Hastert said he just found out about it last Friday, he was lying. I believe he overlooked it because every member counts - even members grabbing their members. Rush is not done spinning this. By next week he will probably say that Democrats are page appeasers while it is the Republicans who have made us safe by penetrating the pages and invading them where they live.

In fact, I'm going to show you how easy it is to spin Rush-style. Here goes: "By selling out his President and his country with this hazing charge, Rush Limbaugh has proven to be a terrorist appeaser. While our President was fighting for the God-given right to torture others, Rush was dismissing this as mere hazing. Where's his sense of patriotism? He and his fellow Republicans are the worst this great country has to offer. If you vote Republican, folks, it's simple: You are voting for men having sex with boys. That's what being a Republican really means, folks." Rush loves sounding all folksy. It helps people forget what a prick he really is.


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