Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Adam Morrison Goes Off - Bobcats Beat San Antonio

Morrison Shooting Over Duncan, Finley, and Parker

Okay, I know what hoops fans are thinking. Bill is worse than Dick Cheney - cherry-picking the intelligence. Adam Morrison played poorly in his first start Friday and followed that with another awful game. To tell you the truth, I almost blogged about those games because I thought his comments afterwards were right on the money.

See, what I got watching Gonzaga play the last few years is a sense of this guy's mental toughness. He is a gun-slinger from the Wild West, and he might get beat up in the saloon every now and then, but he is mentally prepared to fight back. He knows who he is and he doesn't doubt himself. He doesn't need a sports psychologist or a therapist. Plus he can shoot the lights out. Here's what Spurs coach Greg Popovich said, "He's a scoring machine. He's a fantastic young talent." Here's one other quote from the linked article: "Much of Morrison's night came against Spurs forward Bruce Bowen, who has three straight NBA All-Defensive first team honors."

I'm going to move on from making this a Blazers mistake. It was, but I'm pulling for the Blazers. LeMarcus has an amazing upside. Brandon Roy was a brilliant pick and the injury is one of those things. But not taking Morrison was more than a mistake - it was a Blazers disaster.

Imagine Brandon Roy and Adam Morrison working together. Anytime one of them slumps you'd get your Washington State - Washington wisecracks and we'd be right back in business. This was a franchise going out of its way not to see what was right there to be seen. And the sportswriters in this town didn't exactly commit with their expertise either. This was a no-brainer, and they blew it. 27 against San Antonio for a rookie a few games in? Are you kidding me?
NBA - Charlotte Bobcats/San Antonio Spurs Recap Wednesday November 15, 2006 - Yahoo! Sports


At 11:59 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

'Pistol' Pete Maravich, the second coming.

At 1:56 AM, Blogger Jack Bog said...

Bowen's probably pretty steamed right now. I love rooting for the young guys. I'm glad Morrison's not a Blazer (they badly needed a center, and it's a darn good thing they got Aldridge), but I'm happy to see Adam shine.

Above all, remember, it's still mid-November. An NBA season lasts an eternity.

At 3:16 AM, Blogger Bill McDonald said...

That sounds familiar. We needed a center so we took Sam Bowie. Not to suggest Morrison is in Michael Jordan's class, but he could be the closest thing to Larry Bird we see for awhile. Interesting that the Bobcats' Michael Jordan picked Morrision, isn't it?
Aldridge would be great at forward but he's a little light for center, sort of like the Steve Johnson era.
I hope he doesn't wear down. He had one season-ending surgery in college. Just as Sam Bowie had already broken a leg once at Kentucky when we took him.
I know centers are the hardest players to find. People used to complain about Duckworth and his weight, but he was one of the luckiest breaks we ever got - a legit center as a project who really worked out. If only Sabonis had gotten here earlier. He was a true artist at center, and he had to glance ever so slightly downwards to see Shaq.
Of course, when we had a great young center - Bill Walton - we won it all.
As far as it being early, sports is a huge area of luck and unknowns. I actually think predicting what's going to happen is a little obnoxious - I don't want to be the fan who says, "I told you so. I called that!" I'd rather just watch the games and hope to be entertained. And every now and then....even amazed. But a good blog topic is a good blog topic. Thanks for commenting.

At 7:26 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"3:16 AM":
not sleeping these days Bill? Can't be because of the election results..................


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