Thursday, February 01, 2007

Critical Shortage Seen: Right Wing Criminals Too Numerous For Each to Get a Special Place in Hell.

Okay, that was my impression of an Onion headline - for all I know they already may have come up with it. What set me off was today when I heard a right wing radio guy try to shift back into Democrat-bashing, circa 1998. It was all I could do to keep my sanity listening to this crap.

Let's review: For what seemed like decades we heard the right wing repeat the same old attacks over and over again about how screwed up Democratic rule was. Now that there is a chance of a Democratic President in 2009, these shameless sons of bitches are trying to slip back into old familiar rants as if this last 6 years never happened. We can't let them get away with it.

It's a new low. After whining for years about the incredibly immoral, incompetent, and scandalous years under Bill Clinton, the Perfect Storm came along and gave the Republicans their chance.

Let's see...How did they do - these great blowhards who've been talking down to the rest of us for years? They proceeded to blow it on a level that the worst Bush-hater could never have dreamt up in his or her worst nightmare. They blew it on such a scale that it will take historians decades just to calculate the damage. Simply put, the last 6 years have been one of the most horrendous displays of government in the history of the world.

So tell me: Do these weasels have enough grace even to be humble for 5 minutes and maybe even apologize? No, the right wing talk show people are trying to leap ahead and explain why things will be so horrible if the Democrats seize the Presidency. You would think the hypocrisy and gall would cause a spontaneous physical reaction - you'd half expect them just to start heaving on themselves. Instead, they prove once and for all what shallow, low-rent hustlers they were all along. First they gloss over what they did to this country, and then they start asking for the chance to continue doing it. These people really are hideous, shameless lowlifes.

But, Bill, you're being too vague. You have to get specific. Okay....New Orleans. After Cheney and Condi and all the other slimeballs warned us that we had to attack Iraq or we could lose an American city, the Bush administration lost an American city. Not only did they show an incredible lack of management skills - things that would have actually really helped them, but they proved once and for all that their initial concern about losing an American city was fake. New Orleans was the proof. They lost an American city and they couldn't have cared less. Oh, they pretended to care when their numbers were hurt, but they were lying and the proof is the lack of recovery in New Orleans.

Now look at the Scooter Libby trial. Spend 2 minutes and really get into it. Ironically, President Bush is damn lucky he's got the Iraq War to keep everyone's attention off the Scooter Libby trial. In fact, this entire surge debate could be Karl Rove taking attention away from the implications coming out in court - they're just that damning.

Wait, you don't think they'd manage the news that callously? Remember this was the group that announced the creation of the Homeland Security Department - something they didn't want, by the way - on the day the FBI agent from Minnesota was to testify on the glaring and suspicious failures by the Bush people and the FBI prior to 9/11. These people will do anything to manage the news. Anything.

The constant drivel from the right wing lips these last few years was that the CIA was wrong about Iraq, and that Congress saw the same intelligence as Bush and Cheney. I personally heard that at least 50 times. The main thing this trial has helped to show is that Bush and Cheney cooked the intelligence, and fraudulently misled America into a war.

Why this developement hasn't unleashed a wave of anger that would force these two to resign, will be seen as a mystery by historians for the rest of time.

What are we waiting for - what do these people have to do to lose their jobs? They tricked America and then they had their little right wing media buddies lie about it. Over and over again we heard that Congress had the same intelligence they did. In fact, they assured members of Congress who asked about the top secret intelligence that only the President and Cheney saw, that the actual reports they created for Congress were less strong than the secret ones. The truth? It was exactly the opposite.

If the Scooter Libby trial was on TV and we still had a mainstream media that hadn't neutered itself, this would be the last few weeks of the Bush administration. Bush and Cheney were up to their necks in the Valerie Plame incident and Cheney's own notes prove it. None of that compares to fraudulently getting us into a war in Iraq, but still, they outed a CIA agent and that was not right.

Why dwell on this though? When it comes to impeachable offenses there are plenty. On the other hand, the right wing talk show pundits on FOX and on the radio, and all the officials of the Bush administration, will still face a serious shortage one day. They will face a shortage of special places in hell. How could there be enough of those for all these bastards?


At 9:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'll say this for you Bill: You haven't lost your knack for writing comedy.

New Orleans: What exactly did the Bush administration do wrong? Not execute the Democratic Mayor's or Democratic Governor's disaster plans effectively enough?

Libby trial: If anyone in the Bush administration had committed a crime in 'outing' Plame, they would have been charged with it. They weren't. All you're left with is a petty obstruction charge on a low level lacky in the administration. How does that compare to the 15 CONVICTIONS in the Whitewater Investigation? doesn't.

At 9:11 AM, Blogger Bill McDonald said...

How come the Bush administration is scrambling to replace prosecutors with cronies?
And are you satisfied with the federal response to rebuilding New Orleans?
The fact that the President, Rove and Cheney weren't indicted for the Valerie Plame case is becoming increasingly hard to defend.
You wish Libby was a low level lacky, and you wish this was a minor charge. Unlike Whitewater this case involves taking a nation to war. Wait, I bet you think that's going great as well.

At 10:33 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

All the Federal Government can do to aid NO's rebuilding efforts is to pledge and provide funding to do so. To date, FEMA has pledged almost $350 million and provided about $150 million already. It is up to State and Municipal officials to formulate a rebuilding plan and submit the necessary documentation to solicit more funding.

As for Libby, no one outside of Washington had ever even heard of him before the Plame case. That being said, I do agree with you that Obstruction of Justice is a very serious charge. Serious enough that President Clinton was fined $300,000 and disbarred for it. What?! You mean you forgot that the former President of the United States was charged and found guilty of the exact same charge that this low-level lackey of the Bush Administration is being accused of? But it is THIS administration you label as "criminal"? Comedy writing at its best. Merry Fitzmas.


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