Sunday, July 02, 2006

4th of July Cartoon

Yesterday featured jokes that didn't sell, which transitions smoothly into today's category: Cartoons that didn't sell. This isn't a blog anymore as much as a recycling bin. Here's my 4th of July cartoon. I think the drawing is okay although I question the posture on the girl with the knapsack. Sort of rigid looking, no?
Anyway, I've neglected the blog this week, and there's a perfectly lame reason why. I've been working on a video project so ridiculous that I'm once more questioning whether I have what it takes to be on cable access. The project is on tonight at 10 Channel 22, unless things get weird down at the old transmission room. It features the Hillsboro gig, plus the National Anthem and the "Let's Leave Iraq" video. The breakthrough is in the added photos using the Ken Burns effect - giving them motion. There are a couple of tragic lighting problems but they clear up later. So enjoy, or not.


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