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Another Short World Trade Center Clip You Should Probably See

Do You Think I'm Enjoying This? Look, I'd prefer to walk away from this subject but I can't. Yes, the implications are extremely ugly but that doesn't mean I can convince myself that the official story of 9/11 is true.

Did I say ugly? The implications of this are staggering. It would mean elements at the top of our government were willing to get thousands of Americans killed, to lie about the reasons, and all just to advance their own Neo-Con agenda. Really - outside of the Iraq War - who could imagine these people ever doing such a thing?

Yes, I'd like to walk from this. That would be so easy, but there is just way too much stench here. Everytime the clips seem to run out there are more. One very suspicious topic has always been reports of explosions unrelated to the planes hitting the towers. Frankly, I've always trusted the eye-witness reports of what happened more than our government. Remember how the Bush administration fought with all their might against even looking into this?

But why go through it again? There's only a few groups you can be in. For example, I am in the group that doesn't want this to be true, but I can't help thinking it is - I can't help concluding that Neo-Con elements within our government helped make 9/11 a reality. It was a springboard for all that's happened since. Just to touch on recent developments there's the EMT workers, there's the BBC video, and there's additional examination of the role of NORAD and the Vice President's behavior before the Pentagon hit. There is more stuff on Flight 93 that contradicts the official story...It just goes on and on.

Today's new clip features the sounds of an explosion on 9/11. The audio of the explosions with the white puff of smoke exiting the bottom of the towers is something I had seen before, but the first clip is new to me anyway.

Look, there's a way out for you here. You could argue that the terrorists also put the explosive devices in place. But don't try to convince me that explosives were not involved that day. It wasn't just two planes that dropped the towers and Building 7. One fair warning: If you do want to blame the terrorists for the additional explosives, you're going to run into some fairly tough questions pretty fast. But for now, just listen to the sounds. A million pages in a government report can't change this. Just look at it.

Did HBO Cover-Up Bomb Evidence At The WTC On 9/11? - Google Video


At 10:27 PM, Blogger LaurelhurstDad said...

Bill, you said:
It would mean elements at the top of our government were willing to get thousands of Americans killed, to lie about the reasons, and all just to advance their own Neo-Con agenda. Really - outside of the Iraq War - who could imagine these people ever doing such a thing?

I liked your (almost) aside about the Iraq war, a war which exists only to make the rich richer.

I do not doubt that the neocons planned most everything that resulted in 9/11. Just the fact that most of the hijackers came from Saudi Arabia, and that the Bush clan is so tight with the them, is 'almost' enough.

Plug in the lies and the downright evilness of Cheney and the rest, and you have more than enough evidence for guilt.

At 10:36 PM, Blogger Bill McDonald said...

The question of what these people are capable of, was answered by the war in Iraq. So why can't we project backwards? Just because we didn't know who they were back in 2001, doesn't mean they weren't already enacting their plans.

At 1:46 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here we are coming up on the sixth anniversary of 9/11 and so much for Bushs' promise to bring Bin Laden in dead or alive. I find this evident of a conspiracy. Why we can't or won't bring Bin Laden to Justice or any other 'mastermind' of this crime. I've long suspected that Bin Laden was only taking credit for 9/11 and probably had little if anything to do with it. The way the Bush administration has exploited this event and changed the focus from catching those responsible to fighting a 'Global War on Terror' is the best evidence of a conspiracy.

At 3:45 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here is an interesting story I found in Portland Independent media web site. After doing a little more online research this seems to be an angle to the 9/11 story that was reported in several legit news sources but has been picked up and run with by the radical anti-semetic groups like the National Vanguard. Still it's an interesting story of how a group of Israeli agents working in the U.S. seemed to be tailing the 9/11 hijackers and knew about the terrorist attacks but did not share this information with our government.

At 9:23 PM, Anonymous Tenskwatawa said...

Bill, have you seen this?

Or this:

Now, real low key, as you get used to the blinding light after the scales have fallen from your eyes, something no one has mentioned, just when you would like to sweep it all aside and not have all that 'stuff' five years ago make any difference in your future actions and life, indeed, in you, (or you, or you, or him, or her, or them, or me) having a future life, consider: When they did it once, they can do it again.

As I see it, and I saw it this way back then, (if you've heard the story), it is a matter of the planets lining up. You heard it here first -- Portland Freelancer EXCLUSIVE (so far) -- the planets line up again March 22, 2007.

Don't quite take that to the bank, just yet ... altho' you might want to pull you money out. I'm still working out the details. It may be March 16, or March 17 coinciding with the People's March on the Pentagon, or March 18 coinciding with the eclipse of the sun at 26 degrees Pisces.

Or it may even be not until June something. It is difficult to gather all the possible dates for comparison and identification, since there are so many possible dates. But Terror Trauma Two is definitely, definitely, mos' definitely in the planetary air. Obviously, it looks to be set to falsely blame foreigners, some foreigners, any foreigners, pick a foreigner ... hmmmmm? More obviously, it is Cheney and the Puppet, again, both grovelling minions of The Antichrist, who is rightly blamed.

Did you hear about them buying South America and building a getaway gated compound for themselves there?

I had thought this Nine-Eleven Op, the Sequel, (in which it seems they might even be capable of the mass murder of millions, tens of millions, of Americans), along a line from LA,CA to NO,LA, (think: prevailing wind drift, moat dividing from Mexico), was going to happen twice before. The first date I saw (a month in advance) was Aug. 25, 2005, but then ... hurricane Katrina messed up the winds. The next date I foresaw (four months in advance) was Oct. 25, 2006, and, according to the mute mainstream media, nothing happened. According to reports, though, Russian President Putin sidetracked an active plot smuggling plutonium into USA. Some double (triple?) agent named Litvinenko died in the exposure. ( December 15-17, 2006 [et seq.] -- U.S. link to Litvinenko Affair. "... Litvinenko affair may be the tip of the iceberg that could lead to past and future global false flag terrorism operation aimed at the United States and its allies. If Vladimir Putin hit this criminal network, he deserves our eternal thanks and not our condemnation.")

Now, I foresee 'the other shoe dropping' ... wait for it ... soon. The optimum planet line-ups (two cited above) have lapsed. So now The Antichrist has to force it, push the river. The degree of difficulty defeats his intention, I predict. This is good for us: We live on. Crippled, ( oil is gone). He has to hurry, though, since: 1) he is aging decrepit, himself; 2) his agents in place are failing. Yet, still, I didn't see anything in his 'chart' (6/12/1924) to stop him. And then ...

... I spied the Venus debility. Looks like the babsmeisteress bites the big one, if you get the coding in that. The prop and preserver of ol' "wobbly knees" (per PM Thatcher), gets her own props knocked out from under her ... uh, Big Time. Soon. Maybe not by March 18. Then again, maybe so. Also, there is heavy in-coming coming in June, landing on 'those two' ken knee bunk porters. Then again, maybe not. But surely, not later.

Remember, you read it here first.

At 9:14 PM, Blogger LaurelhurstDad said...

Check out this audio clip of an Oregonian, and what she has to say about 911. And she's a conservative!


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