Friday, January 27, 2006

Uh Oh: A Chilling Thought For a Cold Night

One pattern that I see from Karl Rove is the political masterstroke where you solve two or three problems at once, and fire up public support for your side while you’re doing it. I believe that’s what really gives him the intoxicating high. It never has been about good government. It never has been about conservative ideals. It’s been about the art of duplicity - putting one over on the people. You can start with getting a candidate like George W. Bush nominated in the first place, and just move on from there. For Karl Rove it's whatever works: The best issues available to beat up your opponent and get your guy into the winner’s circle.
So what on this chilly night, have I been contemplating for the 2006 Midterms? How do you eliminate the problem of Iraq without appearing to cut and run? What would sell the best, with huge approval numbers? Ask yourself: What will Karl Rove do? It’s going to be a new war; a new war against Syria. Iran is just too big to mess with and there is the oil supply problem.
But the slick twist that nobody I’ve read has mentioned is that the new war is going to be partly so we have a reason to get the hell out of Iraq. We're not cutting and running. We're cutting and fighting. We're not bogged down someplace old. We're bogged down someplace new. That’s the Portland Freelancer prediction: We’re going to attack Syria. Our troops are leaving Iraq straight over the border into Syria. And Isreal will attack Syria along with us. The Iraq problem will be basically over. Public support will reach that war fever pitch. And the Republicans will win in a landslide in November. That's the plan cooking away in the brilliant but ghastly brain of Karl Rove.
If it doesn't happen, it'll be because he figures they'll win without it. But either way, the decision will have nothing to do with good government or the best interests of America.


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