Thursday, February 16, 2006

Why I Don't Get Iran War Talk

Shutting off Iran's oil could double the price - Feb. 7, 2006

Some of the scenarios reputable investors and erergy types are coming up with are truly mind-boggling. This one looks at oil hitting $130 if Iran shuts down. The country represents 5% of the daily world oil pool but demand is so close to supply that it could double the price if Cowboy George and Shotgun Dick attack and Iran stops producing. Why are we even talking about it?


At 7:08 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

In early rumblings the sense was that false and derogatory press painting a target on Iran would build 'support' (more like apathetic unobjecting) further to invading and taking the oil, sort of: Iran, the Sequel.

But the rumblings have refined and the sense of it shifts. For almost a year the informed political analysis saw in sum the forces against invasion outweighed the forces driving invasion, so it was known that Iran invasion talk was hollow posturing. Poised for what? Then the other shoe dropped, the second step.

Or rather, another plot line running on a parallel path, bent a bit toward entering the Iran invasion vista. That (public) mind-bending moment turned around the news release of a tunnel under the Mexico-California border.

There's a tunnel. End of story. No, but wait, there was so Much MORE to piggyback on the drawing card. It was an elaborate, almost Halliburton-built tunnel, with every amenity but the kitchen sink -- though there was a cooking stove, in some reports, and refrigerator. With rails and floor sturdy-built for heavy loads, as heavy as 'encased uranium-heavy' loads. And had not every reader always noticed Mexicans look just like Iranians, all mixed together sneaking across (or under) the border ... just asking -- had YOU? Well, all right then, you had better.

So if ever a domestic emergency that requires overnight martial law with known-dissident dragnet and confinement, as the reasonable, rational, federal-FEMA'ed response to ensure everyone's individual national security while limiting visible damage to democracy's vitality, then we stand prepared with the advance knowledge who did it and how and when and what this means and why we have to go hit back 'that enemy' -- a veritable spring-loaded 5 - W salvo of sidebar subtext journalism, (also known as pretext), set to march American Manchurians into nihilistic nothingness with a one-word trigger code: Iran.

Go get 'em. Can't blame us. They did this. It was in all the papers, everybody's known for months this was gonna happen, a horrifically horrifying national emergency -- and. we. know. who. did it. We've known for months ....that's all they've been talking about, how Iran could do this.

But the truth? It is that the prospects of an expansive Iran extending its global reach and throw-weight against our 'interests' is not quite as dangerous to worry about as a public groundswell in Wyoming to capture this country.


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