Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Don't Tell Me How Much You Support the Troops: The Story of Depleted Uranium

You won’t be reading much of this in your newspapers but it’s the great untold story of Depleted Uranium. All those ultra-patriotic talk show hosts who can’t wait to tell you how much they support the troops, don’t like discussing it either. Why? Because 15,000 American soldiers have died since Gulf War 1 ended and 250,000 are disabled from a mysterious thing called Gulf War Syndrome which many believe is caused by exposure to depleted uranium. This is also covered in a documentary called “Beyond Treason.” Supporting the troops only occurs when the troops are doing something the Pentagon wants. When they come home sick from something that happened during the war, they are discarded. The generals go off to their book deals and parades and the soldiers go home and get sick. The Pentagon does not want the reasons for Gulf War Syndrome to be narrowed down. Then they would have to stop using their beloved depleted uranium.
Think of the irony. We went over to Iraq this time out of fears that Saddam would produce a mushroom cloud. Instead we used huge amounts of radioactive material that will be there for billions of years. That makes Iraq a nuclear war, but instead of Saddam, we’re the ones who made it so.
If you really support the troops, you should find out about depleted uranium. Part of the story's in the link below:

American Chronicle: THE REAL WMD'S IN IRAQ - OURS


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