Monday, April 17, 2006

Glory Days for the Oregonian

The Oregonian won the Pulitzer for its editorial work on mental health treatment and the issue needs exposure. For one thing, many local bloggers might soon be seeking therapy after suffering a devastating one-two punch. First, Dan Saltzman flipped his tram vote giving OHSU and its Oregonian partners a win, and now this. Projecting ahead, the path is clear. One day soon the aerial tram will be voted the 8th Wonder of the World, and turned into a religious site with pilgrims streaming in from around the world. That’s the only way this can logically conclude.
The Pulitzer committee also issued a generous thank-you to the Tram Awards, which agreed to hold off till April 25th so as not to steal any of the older prize’s thunder. The event will go on as planned from 6 to 8 at “It’s a Beautiful Pizza” on Belmont.
For now, congratulations to the Oregonian. If you think it’s hurting you to read about this, imagine what the Willamette Week is going through.


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