Sunday, April 16, 2006

A Little Space Enhancement

Here’s a little square shot of space with the light enhanced. The big lights are "nearby" stars. Gee, it looks like there might be something out there, doesn’t it? No wait, it’s all about us. We’re the reason the universe was created. This light that appears to have traveled for millions of years to get here is just part of the heavens to give us something nice to look at when it’s night. It takes light 100,000 years just to cross our Milky Way galaxy. That alone is incomprehensibly large, at least in the way we look at the distance across town, or across the country, etc… If the universe were just our galaxy it would be hard to figure out. Why would it have to be so big? And yet some of the pinpricks of light shown here are entire galaxies, millions of light years away. How can this be all about us? How can they say “The heavens and the earth” as if they were two parts of one thing? Come on. No religion I’ve heard of successfully deals with why the universe is so big. They can't. One thing bigger than the universe is the mystery of why it's so huge, with stars as numerous as earthly grains of sand. Meanwhile, we're not even on a grain of sand. Our speck orbits around a grain of sand. And the heavens were created 6,000 years ago along with us? All that for our arrival? Is that true or just evidence of a spectacular cosmic ego-trip? Here’s just a little square picture of those heavens with the light enhanced for your contemplation - or not.


At 8:34 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

God must be bigger and more powerful than I first thought. A wonder indeed.

At 3:29 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

And where did god come from? Who created him/her?


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