Saturday, May 27, 2006

President Bush: Sophisticated Guy

Did you see President Bush discussing his regrets over some of his tough "Bring It On" rhetoric? He wants to talk more sophisticated now, which makes his plan to go to Mars seem easy. You remember that one, don't you? His handlers wanted him to have a JFK moment so he called for a mission to Mars. The closest we'll come to that with these clowns, is if Cheney eats a Mars bar.
Has there ever been a phonier president? That's why they touted him so strongly as a genuine guy with moral clarity. Always analyze the spin and work backwards. President Bush acted decisively because Karl Rove believed the American people wanted someone who acted decisively. This isn’t genuine. It’s all bullshit. If Rove thought the American people wanted someone who juggled, President Bush would have tried juggling. This entire administration is based on illusion. From the beginning this has been a telemarketing campaign aimed at conservatives and the religious right, both of whom are in the process of figuring out they’ve been duped. For decades conservatives have been deriding the spending habits of the federal government. Well, here was their chance. They had a so-called conservative president, and both houses of Congress. They proceeded to put on the one of the most reckless examples of deficit spending in the history of the world.
How about the religious right, who have been calling for morality in government? Is this what you had in mind? Torture and preemptive war based on lies? Is that what being moral means to you?
So now we have the latest spin. There has to be some mistakes because the president’s numbers are so low. An administration that lives to dupe the American public can’t even generate some phony reasons for support. The solution is as disingenuous as everything else Bush does: He’s trying to define his mistakes for us. Now he says it was the tough talk. Sure, this is what went wrong. He said some Texas macho stuff and it was misinterpreted in some parts of the world. Listen, if our survival depended on him not saying dumb things, we’d already be extinct. This is an attempt to deflect from the real mistakes, with a bogus White House version, complete with a phony, impossible solution. President Bush, more sophisticated? Like that’s going to happen. Before President Bush becomes a sophisticated guy, we’ll have entire cities on Mars.


At 10:59 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well said - couldn't agree more.

At 1:34 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dr Evil & Mini me = Pat Robertson & George Bush --- Lookalikes?

Austin Power's arch enemies match well. But, as much as George and Pat? Same squinty eyes, fake smiles, hairdo. Both say unbelievably stupid stuff about being pals with Jesus. Both want to be like gods, (not godly so much as all powerful).

Well, when George sticks his picky finger in his mouth to make a point, there you have it.

Odds are George is Mini me, but this is debatable. Which character do you think best represents the two world leaders? Is George Mini me or Dr Evil? Hmmm.


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