Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Screenwriting in the Zone: Day 1

All right, folks. It’s day one on the script and I just hit page 21. At this rate it could be done in 5 days. I’m totally zoned. It’s that old feeling: Finish one writing assignment like the jokes for Leno or the radio so you can tear back into it. Actually doing these things with a screenwriting program is a snap. The one I wrote in 8 days was done on an electric typewriter. Not only that but I winged one of the lesser characters completely in real time while I was typing it. Of course by then I was so hazed over from all the White Out fumes I didn’t know which way was up. But the damn thing was optioned for $2,500 bucks. One drag about writing on an electric: You can replace a line later but it has to be the same length as before. Kind of stupid, but it becomes a fun game.
I did several of them on a basic Word program which is a hassle if you lengthen it later. Each page has to be formatted at the end so it takes a couple of hours to go through and do all the “More”s and “Cont’d”s. What a hassle. My current program - a gift from my star brother Daoud - gives you all the tabs, a window of scenes to pick, headings, character names by just hitting a letter, plus it formats everything instantly.
Then it prints it out in reverse order so you don’t even have to hassle switching the pages around. This is the beast the pros use down in L.A. It’s called Movie Magic Screenwriter. Go forth and purchase if you want to try this. Or not.
Okay, here’s one of the clues: The director who loved my title and got me back in the game temporarily, directed several movies with the word “behave” in them. Catch my drift?


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