Sunday, July 16, 2006

Army Chief of Staff Better Get with the Program

What the hell kind of answer is this? When Congress asked the Army's Chief of Staff General Peter J. Shoomaker if we were winning in Iraq, he waited awhile, then said, "I think I would answer that by telling you I don't think we're losing." Are you kidding me? Why not just go with, "That depends on what your definition of victory is"? Then he went on: "The challenge … is becoming more complex, and it's going to continue to be. That's why I'll tell you I think we're closer to the beginning than we are to the end of all this." Wow, what did you do with the memo? And what did you do with the other memo about 2006 being an election year? How long after that particular performance do you think it was till he was in Rumsfeld's office getting chewed out? Of course, we're winning in Iraq. Nearer the beginning than the end? Are you crazy? The American People don't want to hear that. We are moments away from a glorious victory that establishes a domino effect in the Middle East, spreading democracy and freedom throughout the region. How bad is it when someone this high up declines to lie and misrepresent the situation? Rumsfeld must be going nuts. Okay, that was before this, but this isn't helping. Repeat after me, everyone: Iraq is going great and the only reason the American People don't understand that is that the media never tells us the good side of the story, got it? Not only that but Cindy Sheehan and John Murtha are taking a terrific plan and screwing it up. Are we clear, everyone? I don't want to have to go through this again every few weeks. And to the General: Good luck in the Aleutian Islands. Don't forget to bring a parka. Is U.S. Winning? Army Chief Is at a Loss - Los Angeles Times


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