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Life Homework: The Federal Reserve

It looks like I have some life homework to do. I've got to find out more about the Federal Reserve System. The ironic part was when people asked me how hard it was to be a comedy writer, I used to say, "Anybody can write 10 jokes about Monica. Try writing 10 jokes about the Federal Reserve." I picked that because it was the most boring, stodgy sounding institution I could come up with. Guess what? It isn't. The Federal Reserve is the heart of the beast - the intriguing power center that runs this country and beyond. It's certainly not Federal - it's private and the way it has grown in power since its inception in the early 1900s is truly shocking. It also seems unconstitutional as it performs a task that Congress is supposed to do. I don't know enough about it, but I'm going to find out more. I always had a weird feeling when the Chairman of the Fed walked in and gave the interest rate changes. Who was this guy? How did he get that much power? You can do so much when you control the money supply - especially when it has no physical connection to reality. There is no actual wealth backing up the paper - just a shared belief in it. Admittedly, that's a very powerful thing.

I also want to continue my study of power. What really drives these men who dominate the international banking world? I suppose when you drive up to the Arlington Club like David Rockerfeller did when I was working there one summer, it is quite a rush knowing these rich people are like peasants relative to your power. You certainly don't want some other guy in a limousine to get out and have more power than you. Plus, there must be an intense power rush when you crush the competition or make vast events happen with the stroke of a pen or a quiet little steely whisper to a subordinate. I suspect there's a 24-hour window right after you pull a deal off, when you feel the high, and you spend the rest of the time chasing it. But what do you really gain? Immortality? The knowledge that when you die they will look at each other in those business clubs and say, "There was a powerful man"? What's the point?
We've got to realize that the power rush is irrational in that nothing is ever enough. It is up to us to check these global bankers. They certainly won't stop - they can't.


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At 11:34 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Full-moon fullest thrill of my heart to see this thread, Bill, and especially titling it Life Homework.

Where the freak has everybody been? This, the information, the understanding of the institutions and operations of our society, and cultural variations, is supposed to be Standard Issue. Everyone is to grow up learning these things and knowing them into adulthood -- in order to be a citizen, and not a slave of, by, and for ignorance.

THIS is The Great American Democracy Dream: Universal public education. THIS is exactly what powers that be hold power by: Universal ignorance, and stopping education. (Clue: The Catholic Church powerlust suppressing by torture murder anyone from learning the personal-empowering information from Galileo, from Copernicus, from Ptolemy, from ancestors of humankind.) THIS -- public ignorance -- is exactly the continuing objective of commercially sponsored mass media, meaning TV, meaning Jay Leno, mocking 'eggheads' and 'bookworms' (not watching TV, not buying consumer goods, not working for the man), and deriding personal knowledge and informed opinion and public education.

... is this:

"Who controls the past controls the future...
...who controls the present controls the past.
-- George Orwell, from "1984"

War is Peace
(War for the masses = Peace for the elite)
Freedom is Slavery
(Slavery for the masses = Freedom for the elite)
Ignorance is Strength
(Ignorance for the masses = Strength for the elite)

To end the war, we must end the slavery
To end the slavery, we must end the ignorance



... is this list:

• Final Warning: A History of the New World Order by David Rivera (36 parts)
Illuminism and the master plan for world domination
• George Bush: The Unauthorized Biography by Webster Tarpley & Anton Chaitkin (39 parts)
The history of the Harriman-Walker-Bush clan during the 20th century
• America's Secret Establishment by Antony C. Sutton (9 parts)
An Introduction to The Order of Skull and Bones (condensed editon)
• Fire In the Minds of Men by David Chilton (3 parts)
Synopsis of the book by J.H. Billington documenting the history of Illuminist revolutions
• The World Order by Eustace Mullins (14 parts)
The history and practices of the parasitic financial elite
• Secrets of the Federal Reserve by Eustace Mullins (18 parts)
The history, organization and controlling interests behind the Federal Reserve
• Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler by Antony C. Sutton (14 parts)
How western capitalists funded Hitler and National Socialism
• Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution by Antony C. Sutton (12 parts)
How western capitalists funded Lenin, the Bolsheviks, and the Soviet Union
• None Dare Call it Conspiracy by Gary Allen and Larry Abraham (11 parts)
The plan of the international bankers to create a world socialist super-state

THOSE are nine FREE BOOKS. Just announcing FREE BOOKS sends terror chills through those deranged in power lust madness.
I have read two of them, Secrets of the Federal Reserve, and George Bush: An Unauthorized Biography. Oh! My! God! Why doesn't everyone know these things?
The average 4.3 hours of TV watching per day per capita is an absolute condemning moral shame of us in America, when there are FREE BOOKS to read, after millions of lives and centuries of slavery have been given for the privilege and power of freedom to read, and the right to write.
One theme I see in the texts is the repeated obsession in all of the murderous leaders to emphasize the word nation and the concept of nationalism. Anywhere you see the use of the word national, there you see the person meaning to take your life. The place of our citizenship is our land, not our nation. In this land, we all stand equal upon it. In this nation, power stands on a privileged center, a capitol point above the common wealth which bows around it.



... read:
Secrets of the Federal Reserve
The history, organization and controlling interests behind the Federal Reserve

-- by Eustace Mullins, 1983

Else your thoughts of American politics and comments of understanding, are stupid -- self-inflicted stupidity harming your own life, is no different from a heroin addict self-inflicting harm.

One evidence of how much these FREE BOOKS empower the individual citizen -- YOU -- is seen in noticing the books were all censored, banned, verboten, forbidden, stopped, burned, killed, suppressed, kept from circulation in every way conceivable by the powers that be who lose their power when citizens learn the crimes of TPTB.

TPTB reminds me of the trademark comment of the scraggly body-and-life character Bill the Cat in Berkey Breathed's comic 'Opus' -- always appropriate in the face of authority, sticking out the tongue and saying to their 'power': "Thhptbbt"

(Warning: Reading these books can make you see, for instance, James Baker as the butcher of people and destroyer of life that he has actually been.)

At 10:01 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Taking my own medicine, this rainy day had time to read books in the list of ones with censored information, as set forth by the Modern History Project (dot)ORG. Read book, I should say, this one: Final Warning: A History of the New World Order, Illuminism and the master plan for world domination -- David Rivera, 1994.

It organizes many names and dates of socio-political thought which were floating free-lance in my mental vacuum chamber. It puts meat on the bones of a Universal Theory of Politics which I have. My Universal Theory of anything says everything has developmental cycles and stages coinciding with the calendar, which is to say planet cycles. My latest thing is describing 1820 - 2000 as one, integral, monadal, 180-year cycle.

So a lot happened in that time, that era. Some of it was politics. 1820-2000 is approximately The Industrial Age. The end milestone is coming into clear view in what is being called Peak Oil time, the depletion of petroleum resources worldwide. Then there are none. *poof* bye-bye Industrial Age. Hello, socio-political experiments.

From, "Chapter 7.2: Marx, Engels and the Socialist International - Karl Marx, the Communist Manifesto, and the rise of Socialism in Europe", I returned here to add on my morning rant, this line: "Nietzsche wanted to keep the uneducated in a state of slavery." Since I had used such words.

There was a bunch of relgio-socio-political thought said by a lot of guys writing books, say 1750 - 1850. For example, US Constitutional government idea was a banana in that bunch. And I read Nietzsche complete, in digest, I don't remember, and have long liked his word grip on his thought. Nietzsche in pop parlance is referred to as the source of "God is dead." My own handle on him is by his line, "there is no virtue in consistency." Oh, I love that line. Now Chapter seven-point-two says he wanted to keep the uneducated in a state of slavery.

See, a lot happened 1820-2000. We (the people) invented public education. Well, it had been coming, the idea developing in stages, since ... what? the invention of the alphabet. But in 1842 the people's US Congress wrote a check for it, public education. Then now, there doesn't need to be any uneducated to be 'kept.'

When the books bring us to review and reconsider the ideas that originated in what seems was a cluster, about 1830 - 1850, (one of the bones I pick in my planet cycles theory), when we go back to the beginnings of today's Schools of Thought, it seems like many good sounding discussions never developed. There were many good ideas, like, say, universal health care, or universal public education. Lots of 'universals' going around back then. Whatever happened to them?

Nationalism, (first). The idea you can draw a line (political border) on a map and everyone inside it is 'one people' group, and it can cut across and cut apart and supercede human hearts and bloodlines on the land, tribes, ethnicities, etc., all these social sub-nations. Well, there's trouble in that, cutting into people's ancestral hearts and landedness.

The invention of the dollar bill =equals= money =equals= capitalism, (second). And that's what the Federal Reserve (1910 - ?) edict of the elite is all about. As much as anything, when the US Congress and President (Wilson, as it happened, but it might not matter if it is only a function of planet cycles -- whoever sat in the seat when the comet came by), was bought off to enstate the Fed.Res. of Warburg and Morgan, that potemkin edifice made a barrier which stopped all the good discussions that were going on. Socialism became unmentionable, off the table of study and discussion, by dictate of fiat money.

To unwind the wrongs in the world today, I think we need to set our calendar way-back machine to about 1900, and pick it up where we left off the last time things were going good and our lands were prospering. It's kind of like setting (petroleum) Oil aside, which is the 'wealth' behind the dollar and the only 'wealth' behind the dollar, and which -- by the way -- is going to happen anyway when we consume all the oil, which is what people are becoming conscious is imminent nowadays.

But when we go back in the way-back mach to 1900, nobody these days knows what was going on those days. What were we talking about, our (greats) grandparents back then? (We discovered Hammarabi's Code obelisk outside Baghdad in 1905. Einstein did his Theory of Relativity one-point-oh, in 1905. Airplanes were invented. People were talking about a lot of things in those days.) We've all forgotten. Besides, the Fed.Res. composted all the books to make paper to print dollars on. (ba-dah-boom).

Here's my quick history of the twentieth, (XXth) century. They concoct the Federal Reserve, and opportunist Prescott Bush shows up and gets a piece of the action, one share. He has a kid, GHWB, 1924. Heir apparent of one share of the gang that prints dollars. So the Saudi royal family, (King Ibn Saud and lineage, ruling bloodline of the world -- just ask them), sees the inheritance coming and in, say, 1953, baits GHWB to 'have some oil,' and switches him (and his USA backers, who are ... wait for it -- the CIA of Allen Dulles, or as IKE dubbed them, the 'military industrial complex'), set into low-interest loan terms to pay for the oil after the first free sample. Then, circa 1971, the King re-writes the terms of the oil deal, demands higher interest payments, compounding faster than we earn it the old-fashioned way: investing in ourselves, doing for ourselves. We are hooked, 1953-71, and then the price of our addiction quadruples. The King also commands that we install powerless neutered imbeciles as president. (To the Reagan zone ... and beyond!) Or we'll never see one share of the Fed.Res. in one piece again. And that's how we got stuck with Geo.Junior. Notice who was aboard the only airplanes that ignored the federal no-fly prohibition after nine-eleven. (Saudi royals, if you didn't know.)

Now, in the prohibited books on the no-read list, they keep talking about the Illuminati. I'm not so sure that's the root group, the seeds of religio-socio-political Everything today. Depending on the reference, the 'core' group started with the Masons in centuries B.C., or the Pope in 450 A.D., or various combinations of literate men -- that's always the key, it's some group where everyone can read and write, and they can see centuries ahead and devise a perpetual master plan -- in 900 or 1100 or 1500 or 1760 or, whaddaya know, 1910. See, I don't think everyone some century meets in a circle and then an illuminati-ous flaming idea ignites by fusion in the gravity of their presence. I think, sometimes, burning ideas are just hanging there in the air, delivered somehow -- human consciousness gets pregnant with the idea, it gestates, and at term (of planet cycles) delivers some Big Concept -- *ker-plop* sitting there, and then the ones who read and write come gather around it. They didn't think of it. It thinks of itself, or human evolution reaches that phase of thought -- the thought exists first -- and then Illuminati come to it and gather around. So, I think, the characters are arbitrary and the motives ascribed to them, according to someone's telling in a book a hundred years later, are bogus, fairly much. And what is important, or, what is the root of these shoots and leaves we see around us today, is the sequence of ideas. Not the idea holders. The message, (in DNA code), not the messengers, (speaking it, as it was inborn in some to speak).

Which sorta sounds like a God, this Intelligent Decider who dishes out the next 180-year 'lesson' in some master lesson plan. Well, call it whatever you like, but it isn't an external entity delivering it to humankind from wherever the entity resides. It is Word coming out from inside us, decoded step by step over time, in planet cycle steps. Call it what you like but yours ain't better than mine. And actually, we're both talking about the same thing. It's ephemeral. It's supernatural.

So what I'd do is, back us up to about 1900 and pick up the social and political discussions that were aborted, everybody back to the farm, raise your own chickens, milk your own cow, grow your own garden -- put those together you got pizza, brew some of it you got beer -- only this time, unlike 1900, everybody has got a video cellphone, point-to-point with all other humans worldwide -- did you know you can put in one language and it comes out the other language? -- everybody can read every book, everybody can watch every satellite image of the Earth live, and NOW, let's discuss what we can do to keep this Earthling thing moving. All supernatural social political humankindedness. And what society is. I say making art and making music and raising consciousness ... after you grow and eat your vegetables.

We can't possibly "back us up" in time, but it has helped me understand today's socio-political information items, to see them in a context at the end of a cycle recapitulating its start about 1820, which crested at its midpoint around 1910, and starting over into a new rendition of the same 1820 issues (food, clothing, shelter, social interaction) for another 180-year go-'round and, however, taken up in contemporary Earthling consciousness. That is, maybe we can't back up. Can we talk?

Or do we mean to have a baby farm, off in some South American plantation or something, perhaps up in space, where we grow humans and do not educate them -- no reading and writing for you! -- as our source of slaves, so everybody can, like, sit around and they bring us our daily bread?

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