Thursday, November 02, 2006

Wayne Madsen at the Unitarian Church

There are a lot of people in power who wouldn’t mind if Wayne Madsen turned up dead. His website - the Wayne Madsen Report - represents a unique nightmare for them. He’s a former NSA guy with contacts throughout our government, and the world, who has made the courageous decision to put what he hears on the Internet.

Last night he appeared at the Unitarian Church on Southwest 12th, and, as I walked through the cold, rainy night to get there, the weather seemed appropriately ominous. The church has one of those classic tall pointy steeples that you see in New England, but I only got the symbolism of that later, when I returned home.

At first I thought the event was in a large church building to the south. Peaking through the sidewalk-level windows I could see some sort of meeting set-up in the basement, but no people. That fit the image of a clandestine gathering of the Resistance, but where was everyone?

Looking up the street, I noticed the doors of the main church were open. It was around 6:30, and venturing inside, I saw a small group of people and book tables, and a friendly, intelligent-looking, somewhat-overweight man chatting. This turned out to be Wayne Madsen, and a few minutes later I was shaking hands, and thanking him for his work.
He said he would do it for as long as he could, and the implication was clear: "You mean till the van comes and takes you away?" He nodded, and said the first of many profound sentences that I scrambled to write down: "My colleagues have a saying: When you hear the glass break, it’s too late." I told him that steel doesn’t cover it - this was a man with balls of titanium.

The turn-out was pitiful. I counted around 32 people, but Wayne proved to be a great speaker who obviously has a vast knowledge of the inner workings of the "Bush crime syndicate" as he referred to it. He focused a lot on Marvin Bush - a bigger creep than even George himself if that is possible.

About the biggest splash Wayne has made in the regular media was his report of an affair between Condi and W. that featured Laura Bush moving out to the Mayflower Hotel after a fight. He said Karl Rove contacted him trying to get his sources, after that one was splashed onto the front page of a tabloid.

Most of his stories are less titillating and feature the movements of intelligence agencies around the world. One current topic involves the recent rioting in France. Apparently, that was a black op.

He calls next Tuesday, "one of the most important elections any country has ever had on this planet." He believes America - at least the country and system that was founded back in the 1700s is on "life support", and if the electronic machines are blatantly used to steal another victory, it could be "time to pull the plug."

The only encouraging thing he mentioned was his sources. These are career people in every agency of government who are just as appalled by what has happened to our country as anyone else. He meets these brave types - sometimes on baseball fields where the chain-link fences disrupt certain high-tech listening devices - sometimes in the middle of the woods. These are the people who are leaking from within. Wayne Madsen made it clear that some Americans who have crossed the Bush power structure have turned up dead. He stressed that if he ever ends up in a suicide, rest assured that it was a fake, especially if it involves jumping from a high place. He can fly in planes, but he fears heights.

He said the recent Mark Foley scandal was a small example of rampant perversion in government. By the way, it was not leaked before an election by the Dems. He says it was leaked by outraged career people at the FBI and elsewhere - people who are literally putting their lives on the line to try and save this country. They leaked it before the election - not to help the Dems - but to hurt the current administration as much as possible.

Later I got the symbolism of the New England-style church steeple. What we have here in Wayne Madsen is a modern-day Paul Revere - one if by land, two if by sea. Okay, he wouldn’t be up in a steeple, because he fears heights, but this is a man who is trying to warn us - not during the birth of a nation, but during its potential death. Reading the Wayne Madsen Report these last few months, I always wondered what he was like. He’s a funny, bright, seemingly normal guy who just happens to love America. He also has true courage and is risking as much as any American ever, in our nation’s long struggle for freedom.


At 7:07 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

How have I never heard of this guy?! Going to his site now... (Came here via Jack Bog's blog.)

At 8:02 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Do you think Wayne Madsen might have had a better turn out if he had made his presentation at a different church?


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