Saturday, March 17, 2007

10,000 Gather For Obama Rally

The Portland Freelancer's early pick for Obama to win the Democratic nomination and then the presidency, is based on the Elvis factor - what happens when the American People take to someone. The crowd of 10,000 that gathered in Oakland this weekend to see him, is significant. You don't get that many unless there's something very charismatic happening.

It's much more than this racist talk of him being articulate. When Barack speaks - unlike with Al and Hillary - you don't have the cringe factor. I have met Al and Hillary. Al can be so boring it makes the paint crack. Hillary is not dull but she had better reign in her ambition a little and start sounding like a better candidate or this thing will be over by the summer. Her phony southern accent last week was an embarrassment and it sent the cringe meter into earth orbit.

When Obama addresses a crowd there is an air of greatness, like you're watching footage from another era in politics. Of course, W. - who, like Hillary, also breaks out a phony accent on the campaign trail - has lowered the bar so far that it might be hovering somewhere between the planet's crust and the mantle. People are ready for greatness again. We have to listen to these leaders every day - why not make it inspirational and fun?

The only fun part of a W. speech is waiting for him to screw up. His act is old and pathetic - especially since he's disgraced the country so badly. People want to like their leaders, not feel ashamed of them. The Dixie Chicks were way too kind just saying W. was an embarrassment. Don't you want to send an American leader to other countries that will wow them and make them wonder why they can't have a leader that together? It's time we excelled again and it all starts with a connection between the People and the personality.

I think America is beginning to take to Obama and it's going to be very obvious very soon. This is a star. This is Elvis. The Portland Freelancer has spoken.
Obama draws 10,000 to Oakland rally | The Huffington Post


At 9:56 PM, Blogger Jack Bogdanski said...

Off-camera, he better have been keeping a much cleaner nose than Elvis.


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