Thursday, March 15, 2007

The Real Surge: The Election That Saved America

All this hullabaloo with the attorneys general was never supposed to happen. Karl Rove and George Bush went into 2006 smug about their chances. They had done all the usual tricks and then some, including rigging the vote the way they had in Ohio in 2004 and Florida in 2000. Everything Karl Rove did from the moment 2004 was stolen, was spent concentrating on the results in 2006.

One of the ongoing goals was to rig the judicial system and ensure a Republican lock on power that would go on virtually forever. The plan was to seize control of the United States in a way that couldn't be overturned. The Constitution would become irrelevant as we slipped into the all-powerful executive who was the living breathing word of law. It was nothing short of abolishing our form of government, and it was well on the way to happening. Parts of it are still in place.

The problem for Bush and Rove was the surge. Not the one in Iraq - the one here. The Republicans tried to steal 2006 but the margin wasn't close enough. The cheating was swamped by angry voters. Miraculously, the balance of power was restored, and everything since then has been unplanned territory for these treachorous plotters. They are now winging it through their own falling wreckage.

That's where we are today, and every new rock that we look under, produces another slimy creature waiting to slither out. It's awesome really. The extent to which Karl Rove tried to game the system was downright mind-boggling. No advantage was too small to take. Every little issue in this country was checked over to see if it would help entrench Republican rule. And Rove had his nose in all of it.

That's the priceless part of the Libby trial for me - how journalists could even wonder if Rove was in the middle of the action. It's happening again with this justice department scandal. Rove is a man who has been running dirty tricks and exerting power in unsavory ways since he first slithered out from underneath a rock himself. He's been doing this since he was a zygote. The minute the doctor slapped him on the bottom, Rove started scheming to have the doctor fired. This is a shark-like creature here moving forward with a single purpose that is almost demonic.

The only reason Alberto Gonzales ever made it to the justice department is because Rove knew he was a 100% servant of the Bush White House. This wasn't some gifted choice who just happened to agree with what Rove wanted. He is a little lapdog eagerly awaiting his next orders from the boss. That's what this has come down to, and the idea was to bypass Senate confirmation using the Patriot Act and use the replacements as a whole new litter of lapdogs. Hey, I like that! Gonzales was going to be the little bitch who raised a new litter of White House lapdogs. (Eat your heart out, Dr. Hunter S. Thompson.)

Then the Bush team could go on using the mighty weight of the machinery of justice to crush opponents. Rove has a long history of doing this in Texas before he even emerged on the national stage.

So everything was in place. The grip on power was nearly complete, and things looked like a lock. But then November of 2006 came along and the country was saved - at least temporarily - from these wretched power-mad traitors. How else can you describe them? They tried to destroy the American form of government using criminal means. What more do you want? Do you think they've kept their oath to uphold the Constitution? Did you make so much money last year that you're ready to swallow that?

Incidentally, that was what the tax breaks were really for: Rove knew the upper class wouldn't complain about anything as long as they were doing well enough, and it worked. Their support was purchased with the money from future generations. It wasn't good for America, but this had nothing to do with the good of America. It was about buying rich people off and it worked.

In fact for Karl Rove, the entire plan was working right up to Election 2006. Then it all went south. From that point on Rove has been a drowning rat, swirling down the drain of his own sewer. You know what Karl Rove said to the official from New Mexico after he called the White House to complain about replacing the one attorney general: "He's gone." Well, fortunately, this crew will be gone one day, too. Maybe sooner than we thought.

I predict we'll realize two things as the years go forward. 1. That the scope of the power grab was much, much worse than even we had feared, and 2. That the election of 2006 was actually one of the more important events in American History. It might even have prevented American History from coming to a halt - replaced by a Neo-Con empire.


At 7:17 PM, Anonymous butch said...

Uh...ok. Regarding the firing of US attorneys: NO....BIG....DEAL. Been done in every administration and in this one not nearly as flamboyantly as his predecesor. BJ fired 92 of 93 - including one that was INVESTIGATING WHITEWATER cough cough.

2006 a landmark election? Yes. Because it has shown that the grass is not always greener. New majority = no plan for Iraq. New majority = maintaining defense spending. New majority = maintaining Bush tax cuts.

What's changed?

At 7:35 PM, Blogger Bill McDonald said...

Accountability has changed. As far as NO BIG Deal, you couldn't be farther from the truth. The detail you're ignoring is that these replacements could be installed without Senate confirmation - that's the new part. And ask yourself why it was put in the Patriot Act. So that Bush could load up the Justice Department with his cronies and use it as a weapon to go after his opponents, and protect corrupt Republicans.
That's what changed. The checks and balances of power were eliminated so that once again Bush would have the only say.

At 8:50 AM, Blogger Bill McDonald said...

Butch, where are you, buddy? Where's the big reply to my points? Could it be you don't know what to say? We're all waiting, Bruce. Explain how putting the right to circumvent Senatorial confirmation on federal prosecutors - as inserted into the Patriot Act - represents our system of government?
One other thing? What's it got to do with the War on Terrorism? Wasn't tht Patriot Act tp fight terrorists? What! You mean it was a way to get around our protections from an all-powerful ruler? Gee, what a shock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

At 9:00 AM, Anonymous butch said...

Jeez Bill, a man's got to sleep (and watch the NCAA Tourney) now and then. Gee....Bush is trying to load up the Justice Department with political cronies? What the heck do you think Clinton - and every other President - was doing when they fired and replaced US attorneys? Keep in mind that the fired US attorneys were 'political cronies' of Clinton. WH counsel Harriet Meyers originally suggested they fire all of them, but it was that dastardly Alberto Gonzalez that narrowed down the plan. This whole thing is much ado about NOTHING. What's the next big scandal? That Bush is handing out ambassadorships to 'political cronies'? Aye Caramba!

At 9:12 AM, Blogger Bill McDonald said...

You avoid the point. The new thing here is the Patriot Act provision allowing the President to put anyone in and there is no Senate confirmation. He could literally put Scooter Libby in and have Scooter go after the his political enemies.
Do you see any problem with that?

At 10:11 AM, Anonymous butch said...

Do I see any problem with that? Nope. If the president wants to shuffle U.S. attorneys to make room for political friends and it's legal - so what? It's politics. The Department of Justice and every one of the 94 federal districts are multilayered, professionally run operations managed by tens of thousands of professional, nonpolitical prosecutors and support staff (i.e., civil servants). US attorneys are POLITICAL APPOINTEES, pure and simple. Always have been and always will be.

As for Senate Confirmation....tough. That's the LAW. And that law was approved by congress in a 280-138 vote. If congress doesn't like that particular provision of the PATRIOT Act, the shouldn't have voted for it. The Senate had the power to remove that provision from it as well.

The bottom line is that the attorneys are political employees that serve at the pleasure of the President, and he has the RIGHT to fire and replace them as he chooses and for whatever reason. I doubt you'd be so opposed if these were political appointees hell-bent on investigating Republicans. I welcome the investigation of any congress-person. You should as well.

At 10:56 AM, Blogger Bill McDonald said...

Butch, Nice to see you're finally getting close on this one: "That's the law." Exactly, and why is it the law? Because the Bush administration used 9/11 to frighten you right wing conservatives into giving up our liberties. The slogan is true: The War on Terror is a War on Freedom, and at every turn Bush uses the situation to enhance the power of the President. Actually it's not correct that this is the law. Bush is the law. This just is one more step towards the collapse of our Constitution.

I'm not okay with Bush putting any prosecutor he wants in, then using the Justice Department to crush his opponents. That's the way the law works in 3rd world banana republics and you're becoming 3rd world banana republicans right here in the USA.
Thank goodness some Republican senators, who aren't hopeless Bush suck-ups, are also mad about this. Listen to them, Butch. They're on your football team and isn't that all that really matters?

At 1:11 PM, Anonymous butch said...

You mean those same Republican Senators that voted for this aweful law to begin with? Hmmm....I wonder if they're up for reelection in '08?

So you're not for Bush "using the Justice Department to crush his opponents"? Well, I'm not for the Democrat majority in congress declaring that every Friday is now "strip and flog a Republican day". Thank goodness neither has happened.

At 1:21 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"from the moment 2004 was stolen"

--Oh puleaaze! Dream on. If you want to look at the facts it's been proven GW won, regardless of how you cut it. You shoot yourself in the foot with such shallow mouthpiecing.

At 7:39 PM, Blogger Bill McDonald said...

I believe Ohio was stolen in 2004, and that would have made the difference.


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