Monday, April 16, 2007

Optimism Monday: Who Is This Guy and Is He Bearing the News that Could Save Our Species?

Okay, first some business: I saw the profile of Don Imus from 10 years ago on "60 Minutes." Mike Wallace interviews him and calls him for using the n-word off camera. For the first time in this ordeal, I was surprised. I didn't realize Imus was like that - I was fooled by the on-air persona. Imus sounds like much more of a racist than I realized. I now know why he wears a cowboy hat: To keep his head from slipping completely up his ass.

Second, I happened to be listening to Art Bell last night, and he had the mother of all guests. Skepticism is required, but this guest was talking about a man named Boyd Bushman, pictured above.
I will spare you the details except to say that if this guy is for real, the secrets of anti-gravity and zero-point energy have been known for decades. I'll just say it as if it were true to save time: There are other types of forces besides the 5 we know about. One of them is called an expansion force that is driving the galaxies apart. The trick is to lock into this expansion force at which point gravity no longer applies. When that occurs it takes very little energy to go very, very fast. The many UFO reports break down into two groups: Ours and theirs.

If this is true, and I realize that's a galaxy-sized "if", then we are living in the dark ages of humanity. We are clearly in the dark about what our government knows. I tend to believe it, and one of the reasons is that it had better be true or we are doomed. I never was a big fan of Armageddon. We might have our faults but I think bagging the human species would be a mistake. Remember, we came up with rock and roll as well as football. We deserve to live. Hmm, wait. Roswell was in the late 40s, and rock and roll started the next decade. Let me rephrase that: As far as I know, we came up with rock and roll.

Take heart, my fellow earthlings. This is Optimism Monday. There is a significant chance that problems such as peak oil and global warming can be solved. We might already have the ultimate new energy system - one that will not only allow us to go on living here on earth, but move out to a new home in a galaxy near you. Okay, there are no other galaxies near you, unless this technology works, in which case, the possibilities have only just begun. It takes 100 thousand years for light to cross our galaxy. We need to go faster than the speed of light outside the normal rules of inertia. This guy says it's in the bag and the ideas aren't even that complicated. Happy Monday.


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