Thursday, March 20, 2008

The Comment of the Century

Over on the Saving James site, (you can link from the column to the right), we got quite an amazing comment about the "Born To Slack" cable access show. It brought a tear to my eye, especially the part about our humble cable show helping to save someone's life:

Dear James... Hello there.

So happy and blown away that you have a donor !!!
I have been so sad about your plight. Now there is a cure coming about---> All of us here at our house/and farm believe in your FULL recovery.

This family has been praying for a FULL recovery and sure enough many, many more are doing the same... but for some fans maybe they are just as stunned as we all are/were when we heard this much more than overwhelming bad news concerning your health.

If anyone can beat the heck out of this ordeal we know that James will OVER-POWER it with that great optimistic view James possesses.
With every show of Born to Slack... You and dear brother Bill get right to the facts like no other anchor team we may ever see. The Bill and James team tells the absolute truth
with sprinkles of some of the funniest material we have ever had the good fortune to witness.
Which my family identifies with 100% on all of your topics.

With all of this scary and horrific hell that you've had to face from the day of conformation by your Doctor of your disease-That alone was such a negative blast to your emotions... beyond mere words to express at 1st. I too know what a downer and fearful position you fall into after hearing such bad news.
Especially when it came right out of the blue and off the wall
when least expecting it.

To make it even worse when you are freaked-out and very sick... then the task starts when you must find all of the knowledge you need to learn in a rapid time frame about this tricky health problem. At 1st, your quest becomes hard to find the facts and cutting edge info too. This was your worst negative time period-which was perfectly natural to be afraid of and land you and yours in a state of shock.

Not to forget that you kind sir are
SO blessed with a strong,loving, concerned and caring family,other loved ones,including your friends, plus loyal fans must be comforting. We definately feel and without any doubt... know this in our hearts that you and yours are in the SUPER positive rebound state now. Loaded with HOPE,knowledge and filled to the brim with your optimistic out-look on your life.A wonderful and a LONG life await you dear James.

Lastly, I want to Thank You and Bill along with your supportive families & access staff for helping me through some of the most darkest and terrifying days & spooky nights (so wrapped up in fear) I became ineffective in trying to save my own life.

After being told I had 2 diseases
that would & are now slowly killing me... Not one thing could pull me
out of my already giving up 'spent & exhausted' mind set fueled by severe fear and heartbreaking pain.
So sick... that I could not begin to even start to try and save myself through my extensive searches for the knowledge that I desperately needed to save my own life.

A miracle happened one REALLY bad night to me while I was becoming more & more self-absorbed,confused and with thoughts of just giving up.
All of a sudden... like Manna from Heaven: The Born To Slack Show came on !!! that night.
As they say "laughter is the best medicine" Well... you both dosed me very well with that excellent and SUPER funny trademark laughter
medicine and fact sharing you both are unique at. This probably sounds corny...
But I do think you guys indeed saved my life or at the very least
made me think in another direction
to get my mind off of my troubles.
We miss you kind sir James.
Too bad this isn't a big Punk'd
issue for the show to us fans and this really wasn't happening to you.We know that you will not only
get your transplant that will 'take' and not be rejected... but
that a VERY healthy James will live a VERY long life/and treat this later as just a speed bump on the at times,rocky road of living life itself. Plus... remember that these anti-rejection drugs the Doctors
now have at hand have come a VERY long,long way.So... not to worry.
Bless this donor to the highest !

We are and will be forever GRATEFUL to you both and extended Thanks to your families and all who help in any way down at Cable Access.
What a team !!!

Most Respectfully and we will do whatever we can at this time and on into the future to help you & yours.
Respectfully and Thank You to all involved for all the shows you all
have put out.Now you know how to save a life. If I don't stop here the next time you see Bill (now with a big head) he'll be demanding to be called Doctor Bill standing
at the foot of your bed with his white coat on and your chart notes in hand.
You take the best of care now and we send our best to your Family too.Bless you kind sir.
Love and Light To You All
From Rabbit Moonshadow and Family

March 19, 2008 6:02 PM

Dear Rabbit Moonshadow,
Thanks for your outstanding letter.
I'll never wonder if it's all been worth it again.
---Bill McDonald

March 20, 2008 12:53 PM


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