Sunday, April 27, 2008

My Obama Ad

Here's my own private lawn sign about the Obama campaign. I'm not asking for your vote - there's 1100 of these things. I just want to participate. The Democratic primaries have been a sickening display of low-rent, sleazy nothingness - manufactured from little issues to avoid the big stuff. I've heard Hillary say it's a preview of how the GOP would treat Obama if he's the nominee. Here's a different take: Not only has she made me sick with her desperate, ambition-crazed approach to the primaries, but what happens if she somehow wins? Do we have to witness months more of her cheap shots at John McCain? I don't want to see that. I think it's time for her to wrap it up. If Bill Clinton hadn't been such a hound dog, the Bush administration might not have happened at all. (Now there's a daydream.) If anything, the Clintons should apologize and get out, rather than work so hard to try and continue the Bush policies by tearing down Obama, and helping the chances of another GOP President.
Update: (Link No Longer Works)