Monday, July 10, 2006

A Few Quick Points

* The World Cup headbutt: It turns out the French player lost it because the other guy suggested serving fish with red wine. Actually, Zidane apparently was called a terrorist by the Italian guy. I'm so ready for American football. Our players headbutt each other as a way to say "Hello, nice to see you."
* I listen to Mike Boettcher on Imus in the Morning sometimes. Boettcher's the intrepid NBC reporter in Iraq. I have never heard the level of anguish from him that he had in his voice this morning. He said the car bombs were accepted but this business of militias invading neighborhoods and executing people from the other side of the Sunni/Shia divide is new. Time for President Bush to give another speech talking about how much he's helped the Iraqi People.
* While we've been presiding over the ugliness in Iraq, the Taliban have surged back in Afghanistan and we're up against it there. Maybe it would have been best to concentrate on catching Osama and winning in Afghanistan, instead of having 2 bad outcomes in exchange for 1 victory.
* General Barry McCaffrey is just back from Iraq, a time when we usually get reports of how well it's going and what a poor job the media is doing of covering the good side of the story. He said an American traveling around anywhere in Iraq wouldn't last a day. May the people who came up with this plan, and the suck-ups who helped sell it, resign what they're doing and spend the rest of their lives helping badly wounded soldiers who they helped send into this debacle.


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