Monday, July 10, 2006

Two Magazine Covers That Work

Here's two classic magazine covers, especially the New Yorker, as it says so much about what has happened to our economy. I'm a little worried about the Time magazine cover. Yes, it's well done, but I just hope it doesn't prompt our Decider-In-Chief to do something immature. Of all the many traits I've come to loathe about this guy, the overlooked one is the maturity level. He just seems frozen in a frat house adolescence. He doesn't seem mature enough to be 30, much less 60. So great cover shot, unless it leads to some childish acting out. Dispelling PR notions that reflect poorly on the White House is what this administration focuses on, so I just hope President Bush isn't out riding his bicycle dreaming up a way to show the big kids that he's cool.


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