Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Fox & Friends Show Wants "Office of Censorship"

The day after I launched my slogan, "Republicans: Scared to be Free", I saw a media report about Fox and Friends that chimed in with a perfect example, in reaction to the New York Times banking story. The co-host Kilmeade called for a government "Office of Censorship" to decide whether a story would hurt the country or is real news. Of course, no thought whatsoever is given to the fear that the State would misuse the power. It's all about being a frightened little child asking your government to protect you from the bad guys. Here's the best example: Kilmeade, "You're in love with the law, but I'm in love with survival." That's a definitive example of "Republicans: Scared to be Free". They're oh so quick to turn over our freedoms to our trusted leaders. The cute part is that they think they're talking tough, but they're actually sounding like frightened kids: "Please, Daddy Cheney, protect me from the bullies!" Whatever happened to the Home of the Brave?

Media Matters -
Fox & Friends co-host Kilmeade advocated "Office of Censorship" in wake of NY Times banking surveillance story
: "You're in love with the law, but I'm in love with survival."


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