Saturday, July 22, 2006

President Bush: My Opinion Clock Has Run Out

There is a certain amount of gleeful rehabilitation of President Bush's image this week by his puppy-love admirers, over his support of Israel versus Lebanon. The message is, "Even when President Bush gets it right, his detractors don't like it." Bill Maher jumped in to say how much he enjoyed supporting the President on this. Others say being Israel's bomb supplier in the bloodbath in Lebanon, might not be appropriate, or beneficial to the long-term interests of the United States. So how do I feel about President Bush after this week? Is my "blind hatred" as his blogging friends like to assert, preventing me from admitting that President Bush is right on this? How does this change my opinion of him? My answer is that it doesn't. Not one bit. Just as my opinion of OJ Simpson is not going to change if I heard he was really nice to the next 10 waiters he met, or if I heard OJ is really sweet to his girlfriend now. My clock on OJ Simpson's worth stopped running a couple of years after Ron Goldman and Nicole Simpson were slashed to death. Unlike many, I couldn't really believe OJ did it till well after most other people. I thought I knew the guy, but once the realization hit, I wasn't going to change.
That's part of the opinion process - the final verdict. There are 6.5 billion of us, and every now and then you look at an individual and say, "Frankly, I don't care if they cure cancer, I have seen enough. This is a scoundrel here." With President Bush and his little Chicken Hawk buddy Dick Cheney, the War in Iraq stopped the clock on my opinion process. Once you deliberately lie the American People into a War getting thousands of young soldiers killed or badly wounded, what you do after that, doesn't really matter. My opinion of you isn't going to change much. The fact that the sheep in Congress didn't impeach these maniacs over it, is besides the point. Getting away with it, doesn't make any difference. Hell, OJ got away with it. I carry around a certain sense of quiet rage that the system hasn't worked to deliver justice to OJ, and I feel the same way about Bush and Cheney. The War in Iraq was enough of a character test for me. I have my final verdict. So to answer the question, "Would it change your opinion of President Bush is he did something right?" Nope. And I apologize for bringing up such a farfetched hypothetical.


At 6:09 AM, Blogger Frank Dufay said...

Maybe its my Catholic upbringing, but I think the word is "redemption." Can anything Bush do NOW redeem himself for Iraq, New Orleans, and his hijacking of the Presidency?

God's call, I suppose, but I'm an unforgiving sort and I say "Hell No". And its not like promoting futher misery in the middle east should earn him any brownie points in the first place.

At 4:05 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, so much for the "its a difference of opinion, not blind hatred" argument. At least we now know where you're coming from.

Its interesting though. We've had several exchanges where I have pointed out how Bill Clinton was every bit as much the hawk, power-grabber, and 'civil rights trampler' that Bush purportedly is. But you don't harbor the same resentment. I think its more than Bush's actions. I think with you and you ilk (love that term "ilk"...carries the same unfounded bias as "chickenhawk" or "cronies") feel this way about Bush because he's quite simply not on your team.

Let me elaborate. I never once heard Clinton referred to as a "chickenhawk" when he went to war in Kosovo - WITHOUT the authorization of Congress. I never once heard the left criticise Clinton for 'draft dodging' when he went overseas to study rather than going to Vietnam. Where is the left's voiced disdain for Clinton's "cronies" - which comparatively would be the Chinese Government who filtered hundreds of thousands of dollars into his campaigns. And no one from the left ever DARES mention that Bill Clinton is the ONLY President to ever serve two terms without once earning a plurality vote of the electorate (thanks to Ross Perot, he won only 43% of the popular vote in 1992, and 49% in 1996). And the 1996 vote was padded by Clinton relaxing immigration and nationalization standards to pad his margin. But he is considered a more "legitimate" President than Bush?!

Where were the calls for Clinton to "connect the dots" after repeated terrorist attacks against our Country and our interests abroad?

So excuse me when I call total BullSh*t on your "opinion clock" argument. You are either blinded by hatred unrelated to Bush's actions, or quite simply a big, fat hypocrit.

phew! Got that off my chest. Where's the band playing next? Oh, and I have to brag about my latest epiphany: Got back from Pacific City today (a madhouse - Pelican Pub had their busiest day EVER yesterday), checked my hottub to see if I could get a nice cool soak in tonight since I turned the heat off last week. Damn thing was still 100+ degrees. Ran up to Safeway and bought 6 blocks of ice for $7. Thing is now sitting at about 85 degrees. I'm gonna sleep well tonight :)

At 4:42 PM, Blogger Bill McDonald said...

I've assigned the number 47 to the Bush versus Clinton argument. I wasn't as engaged in the process back then. I didn't see it as leading to as much trouble. It's not a Bush versus Clinton thing. There's no way I can prove it. A publisher made that argument to me about Kosovo and I wasn't even aware of the details. It was the 90s, remember? It was about Monica Lewinsky. 9/11 changed everything. Long after all the Clinton lovers/Bush haters die off, there will still be no good defense for the Bush Doctrine - also known as the Law of the Junlge. By then, they'll be saying, "Iraq is old news. Can't you people ever move on?" I know the playbook. This was a #47.

At 5:33 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

That doesn't diminish my point. Your "wasn't as engaged in the process back then" argument is a time-honored cop-out, argued most famously by the German citizens claiming to be un-afiliated with the Nazi party.

The fact is that now you are engaged, and you cannot lob out charges against this President stating that he is "trampling the Constitution", acting illegally, and has committed unforgivable acts without putting such charges in an historical context. You can't lob around predictions that this President may go down as the "worst ever" without comparing his actions to those of his predicessors. That is ingenuine, and indicative of 'blind hatred'.

Did FDR's internment of Japanese American citizens run out you "opinion clock"? That is far worse a human rights violation against a class of American Citizens than anything that ever preceded or came after it - the worst American civil rights violation since slavery, hands down. So I guess FDR's action was not redeemable in any sense, no matter what big-government welfare program he instigated that you favor, right?

I'm still waiting for some indication that you are not a mindless Bush-hating hypocrit.

PS - just got out of the hottub. Bliss.....with my Kiwanda Cream Ale that was chilling in the freezer that I bought at the Pelican this morning. Don't hate me 'cause I'm happy.

At 5:57 PM, Blogger Bill McDonald said...

I want you to be happy, buddy. You left out the radiation experiments by the way performed by the US government in places like Ohio in the 1950s.
I'm seeing my version of America threatened by this administration now. I withdraw any comparisons to any other President as far as relative worth. I'm just afraid this form of government is coming to a permanent end. I have to respond.
What I see is people citing those examples as proof that what this Presidnet is doing is not that bad.
I don't agree. Bad stuff from before does not make this good. We survived Clinton and FDR, but I'm not sure our greatness as a nation will survive Dick Cheney or Bush. Stay cool and sing a drinking song for me. I gave up drinking 21 years ago. Ask me how I feel? Thirsty.

At 6:04 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh...gave up Beervanna? I can never again question you bitterness on any subject ever again. Good for you though. I don't have your self-control.

At 7:56 PM, Blogger Bill McDonald said...

I'm starting to like you, man. You know we're supposed to be arguing, don't you? Oh well.

At 1:20 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Bush lovers!
Support your president!
Help him spread democracy!
Help him fight terrorism!
Be all that you can be!

At 9:35 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

'supposed to be arguing' LOL! Ya know, Bill, I don't look at this as "arguing" per se, more of a discussion of opposing viewpoints. As a conservative living in Multnomah County, it would be too depressing if it was truly "arguing". That denotes anger. My wife is more alligned with you politically, and she has learned not to bring up current events around me (although, the few times she did, the make-up sex was great). So this forum is a good place for me to get things off my chest.

At 11:51 AM, Blogger Bill McDonald said...

Yeah, it's a discussion and a way to formulate our thoughts. You know, when I used to go on the radio back in the 90s certain issues would come up and I didn't have a position. I knew where I stood but I couldn't express it right. This blog is actually helping me in that area. There have also been a few times when I felt getting it out there was a release.
Mainly though, this is about speaking out when you feel like your country and your world's in danger, and that covers all sides of the political debate.

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