Thursday, July 06, 2006

OHSU Statement: Irony Alarm Fails to Sound

I don't know who wrote OHSU's statement reacting to the ruling on liability caps. Something this important was probably kicked around by the entire PR department. Anyway it was quoted in the Oregonian as "hospital officials" who said the ruling, "has enormous implications for the state and all other public bodies in the state -- cities, school districts, counties, ports -- as well as OHSU." School districts, huh? One tip to future PR hacks who might be following this case: If you're currently fighting a child's family for the right not to pay them for brain damage your institution was alleged to have caused, you might not want to bring up what this will do to the school districts. You mean because of this ruling our children might not have enough financial support for their needs? Gee, thanks for being such wonderful caring people. Clearly the OHSU Irony Bell isn't working right. Maybe the City Council can buy them a new one.


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