Sunday, December 03, 2006

Part 2: The Project Takes Shape

Budgets with no connection to reality were submitted in the standard governmental belief that once underway, a project cannot be stopped. The original numbers were called "guesstimates" and that was being kind. When the true nature of the process was revealed, our civic leaders gave us a great public display of concern - oh, the anguish! They assured the Public that the process that gave us the tram, would never happen again. Of course, this would not stop the tram project - because it was already underway.

The first sketch of the new tram did not look promising:

Nor did the second:

But that was enough for a council in bed with OHSU - the project was given a permanent green light. Our leaders would build this and the South Waterfront District no matter what it cost the average person. That's the level of caring the city council has for their partnership with the rich and powerful on the hill. Of course, there was an urgency to get this going before the stench of backroom politics became too much. Here's the early construction site:


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