Sunday, March 11, 2007

Comedy Takes Another Loss

Well, after a week off, we're heading back into the late night talk shows with heavy hearts. I wanted to blog about the Richard Jeni situation earlier in the day but it was too soon. It's shocking like when Phil Hartman died. I'm going to take the old fashioned approach and bury it for a few days. For one thing, I have to get back to writing jokes - of all things.

I will say that I hate to think of Leno being bummed out, and I'm sure he is. He was saddened by Richard Pryor's passing but that had an element of sanity to it. This is just shocking, and I hope the story doesn't get more depressing than it already is - if that's even possible.

All I'll say is my favorite Richard Jeni routine was when he talked in the New York accent about how you couldn't just fight someone back East. First you had to tell them exactly what you were going to do to them. Check that one out if you can. It was so funny. Ahh, this sucks.

Back to the comedy. You know, there are actually times when I feel sort of protective of Leno. Not that we're friends or anything. I've just talked to him a few times but I am grateful to him and I like him. So I am going to try and write some brilliant comedy tomorrow. I sure as hell know they won't be in the mood for writing jokes down in L.A.

One thing I sometimes forget is that these guests on the Tonight Show come back enough to be part of everyone's life down there. I learned that with Steve Irwin - the Croc Hunter. To them he was a great guy and a buddy who came through many times. He was someone they got to know.

To lose an actual comedian must be extra tough for Leno and the gang down there. I hate it. Richard Jeni goes out like this? It's tough for everybody who loves comedy.


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