Sunday, January 29, 2006

Blog World Attacks On Earthquake, Rejects 31st and East Burnside Location, Demands USGS Be “More Specific”

Why even have a USGS if they’re going to talk in vague generalities? 31st and East Burnside for the location of an earthquake? One thing we don’t need in an event of this magnitude, is wild guesstimates. Who’s watching the store here, anyway? It’s a big city, folks. How about some specific numbers that we can rely on? For starters, how about an address? 31st and East Burnside leaves so many unanswered questions. Was it under the curb, under someone’s lawn, or worse yet directly under someone’s house?
We have human beings involved here. These geologists are paid good money and that is taxpayer money, my friends. How many times have we let them just say an earthquake swarm was occurring under Mt. St. Helens? Excuse me, but an entire mountain? Can’t you narrow it down at all? As usual the media won’t ask the tough questions, and they certainly won't demand answers. Once again, it is left up to us in the Blogging World. I, for one, vow that I will not rest after this “31st and East Burnside” earthquake-location joke, until these geologists of the USGS are finally willing to do their jobs for the citizens who pay them, and narrow this down. It’s called being specific.


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