Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Drunk Bicyclist Hits My Car

Sometime after midnight last night there was a loud crash. A drunk bicyclist had run into my car while it was parked on the side of the street. I got out of bed, grabbed a flashlight and went out there. I asked if he needed medical assistance but he said no, he was “just drunk.” Nice guy really. Very apologetic. He had broken off a small part of the back lights but all in all it was minor car damage, and he was okay, so he pulled himself together, got up, and drove off.
There were a few pieces of my left back parking light on the ground this morning, but from the side, not over the light. I did see a wrench on the ground. Maybe he had it in his pack and it flew out. What he was doing out driving on a bicyle drunk with a wrench in his backpack, I don’t know, but sometimes you just let it slide. It did take a while to get back to sleep. How many guys get their car run into and damaged by a bicyclist, especially when the car’s parked? Made a heck of a bang though. Actually it’s a good sign. Something memorable to open the Tram Awards with tonight at 6p.m., at It’s a Beautiful Pizza, 3341, SE Belmont. And if the bicyclist comes I’ll even buy him a diet pop.


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