Monday, May 29, 2006

Memorial Day 2006

Memorial Day is going to be about 4 people for me this year: First, my Mom. She lived into her 80s, but it was probably her time serving in the Red Cross in France that had the most impact. I like to think about all the families out there right now in America who benefited from having my mother consoling one of their wounded relatives during World War 2. She paid a big price for the emotional strain of seeing so much in her 20s. As you can imagine, these GIs meant the world to her - long before my brother and I came along these were her boys.
I'd also like to acknowledge 3 young men who died in the service recently. I'll always feel a special connection to these 3 because I went to their funerals. I just hope that Memorial Day isn't too tough on their families.
Brandon Scott Tobler, Born 5-17-83, Died 3-22-03

Travis John Bradach-Nall, Born 2-9-82, Died 7-1-03

Bob William Roberts, Born 4-19-74, Died 5-17-04

Bob was killed on May 17th, 2004 which would have been Brandon's 21st birthday.


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