Sunday, May 28, 2006

Mike Farrell: Feeling the Rage

There is no bigger anti-war liberal than Mike Farrell. Remember him from the MASH TV show? Mike recently watched "Baghdad ER" - the powerful documentary on HBO where you can see what the Iraq War looks like for real. It's brutal and you'll be extremely pissed off afterwards, especially if you were against this thing from the beginning. Mike puts it rather vividly when he writes: "Watching this horrifying, endless process, the tears on my face kept drying from the heat of my anger." Then he writes: "I loathe the people who have created this monstrosity. I want the criminals who lied and cheated and pretended and twisted and perverted reality - and those who rationalized their crimes - so they could send over 2400 servicemen and woman to their death, nearly 18,000 to come home torn - some never to be whole again - thousands more to suffer mental damage, and tens of thousands of innocent Iraqi civilians to be swept into the garbage can of "collateral damage," to pay. These bastards and their apologists should be stripped naked and forced to walk the main streets of America, allowing every city and town that has lost a loved one to injury or death in this shameful catastrophe to heap on them the scorn they deserve."
Stripped naked and sent out to the crowds in the street? Anger is interesting, isn't it? It brings out the creative side of humans. There are people right now who are coming up with detailed fantasies for how the objects of their hatred should be dealt with, and it's never a simple elimination. As the thoughts have a chance to fester, they become more elaborate. The real problems for the rest of us come when people are so full of rage that they're willing to kill themselves just to hurt you. Terrorists are not born - they're not happy people who are turned into killers by a religion. Terrorists are people who have become extremely pissed off at something. It's interesting to hear the anger in Mike's remarks: Strip the leaders naked and turn them over to the madding crowd? That sounds fairly primitive, doesn't it? How enraged would Mike be if something really made him mad? I'm not talking about a TV show, either. I'm talking about the kind of brutal act that turns a peacenik into a terrorist. The so-called War on Terrorism is full of these acts, which is why there are probably 10 times as many terrorists now as when President Bush started.


At 9:39 AM, Blogger Kim Upham said...

There are probably 10x as many terrorists now as when this thing started, you write. Amen to that.

At 12:21 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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