Saturday, August 26, 2006

Time to be Funny Again

I think I'm ready to be funny again. Maybe that's what this blog is for - to process out the rage so I can return to a marketable sense of humor. My big-time late night client has been off two weeks. The radio network has been humming along but August is so slow even the wacky news is affected. Sure, you have the guy with the penis pump going through airport security, trying to claim it was a bomb. What an idiot. That is exactly why I always pack my penis pump in my main suitcase. See? I'm beginning to think in terms of humor again. I was walking down the street last night feeling anxious about the world. This next two months could be chilling. What put it over the top - oddly enough - was the JonBenet case revival. That seemed so absurd and weird, that it made me cringe to think of the human race: Today's forecast for Boulder, Colorado - Mostly Creepy! I hate having to be funny, but it is time. I thought back to my early comedic attitude and here's my conclusion: As you get older you have to have more discipline. You have to take better care of how you live, and you have to force yourself to be more enthused. Some would call this phony and it is, but that is what you have to do. You are compensating for a loss of natural joy, and you have to adjust. It's just like taking calcium for your bones. I thought back to writing comedy in the early days, years ago. I'm going to plug into that attitude again even if it's not how I really feel. That's the discipline part, and if it's phony, then so be it. In these times you can't wait around for a good mood to show up. That's like waiting for a Max train in an ice storm. It's time to be funny again.


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