Monday, August 21, 2006

Dhahran Little League Makes The News

Well, I'll be damned. I was just talking about Dhahran, and this story shows up. Back in the day, the bass player Mandis was on the legendary Dhahran Steelers Little League team, and then a few years later I was on another championship team, the Pirates. Now, I could mention that I led the league in hitting, but it's time to turn the spotlight over to a new generation of kids. I know Oregon has a team in the Little League World Series, and so does my old hometown, but check out one of our players: 13 years old and 6-foot-8, 256 pounds.
That's right: 6-foot-8, 256 pounds. Could you imagine being the pitcher throwing to this guy? Remember the mound is a lot closer to the plate than the big leagues and this guy is as tall as Dave Parker. If I were the coach I'd just walk him. At least make the pitcher wear a helmet. Someone could get killed out there. Oh well. Good luck to the Oregon team but good luck to the old hometown as well.
6-foot-8 Little Leaguer towers over foes - Yahoo! News


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