Monday, July 10, 2006

Let the Adam Morrison Story Go? As If!

Don't get me wrong: Our top pick LaMarcus Aldridge looked like a very tall live body the other night in the Blazers summer game. The announcer said his shot wasn't falling and I thought he looked a little slender, plus, what's that huge brace on his leg? Oh well, the idea that Adam Morrison could have teamed with Brandon Roy to start a new Blazer era is not something I should dwell on. But I'm going to anyway. This felt like such a no-brainer that I was officially stunned that it didn't happen. My favorite comment was that Adam Morrison was a bad fit for the Blazers. How many games did they win last year? What exactly did you want him to fit into? I was also deeply dismayed at how quickly the locals held a lovefest for the Blazers front office on this draft. Haven't you been hurt before? So in the spirit of obnoxious sports fans everywhere, I'm going to keep harping on this. If LaMarcus wins Rookie of the Year and the Blazers are the surprise of the league, I will be available for any of your abuse. But if I was right about Adam Morrison, this will mark a great disaster in Blazers history and lately that's really saying something. One thing that's happened is that he's finally taken the court against NBA players, even if they were only his teammates in a scrimmage. Remember how he was okay against Santa Barbara but he couldn't handle NBA talent? Gee, I wonder how that went?
Charlotte Observer | 07/07/2006 | Can Morrison score? Let him count the ways
Bobcats' Morrison Puts On Scoring Show
In the CHARLOTTE OBSERVER, Rick Bonnell writes that "the Charlotte Bobcats drafted Adam Morrison third overall last week. Wednesday night he demonstrated why, scoring in nearly every way conceivable to bring his team back from a 23-point deficit and win an intrasquad scrimmage. The unofficial tally had Morrison with 28 points, about 20 in the second half. It wasn't so much the numbers as the spectrum of scoring skills he demonstrated."


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