Sunday, July 30, 2006

The Portland Freelancer's Forced Optimism Post

The single most striking trait of these times is how primitive they are. The machines make us think we're smart, but we're still tribes wandering around the desert killing each other. These gadgets are slick - no question - but look at those Ipods hooked up so closely to our brains. Were TVs just a little too far away? Who knows? We might make an awkward turn of the head and notice our reality. All we need now is the visuals - a little machine we can wire right onto our skulls that will let us see the movie. Then our disconnect will be complete.
What we are seeing these days is either the continuance of primitive times with better weapons that will lead to our destruction, or the last gasps before the Big Awakening and the beginning of an enlightened era. We need a major revelation to hit the planet. Something that will negate all these religious battles and primitive belief systems and wipe the slate clean. Something that will reduce the current power hierarchy to pointless spectators as true freedom engulfs the planet and the age of oil and primitive religious strife comes to a crashing end.
Here's the Portland Freelancer best hope. Feel free to call me a nutcase if you want - like you don't already. Frankly, when I read some of your comments I wonder if you're actually sitting in a cabin in Montana writing a manifesto - that's how primitive they sound. But I love ya anyway. Okay, here goes.
I have followed the UFO thing for decades. Even my intellectual friends hate hearing about this stuff because it takes a great leap. Plus, it goes counter to the smug, know-it-all attitude humans are so fond of. I am not presenting this as something I know. I am presenting this as something I'm increasingly believing has to be true. Let's put it this way: This had better be true or we are screwed. You are aware that at least one of the major religions believes in the end of life on earth, right? Now if I suddenly painted my house orange, and then I found an ancient text that predicts someone will paint his house orange and it will be a sign, then that is one thing. But the trouble with these times is that the people who believe in the end of the world are in charge, and they can make it happen, just as they are making other prophesies happen. That is a scary proposition for me. They might end the world just out of spite - so they can spend the last 15 minutes saying, "See! We were right!"
Monday there's a documentary on British TV - unless the story is an Internet hoax - in which Buzz Aldrin claims their Apollo Mission saw a UFO on the Moon. To anyone who has looked at the UFO subject there is a lot there. What this single revelation could mean is that we shift into an earthling paradigm, rather than the battling tribes dead-end that we are locked into now. It also brings in the concept of a new type of energy source - a system that creates a gravity field that blocks off the gravity field around it and allows pollution-free flight at mind-boggling speeds. We also shed these endless religious nightmares. Sure, keep the holy sites for tourist attractions, but let's stop killing each other for the Dome of the Rock, or a Parade Route in Northern Ireland. Sunnis versus Shiites? Protestants versus Catholics? Folks, we've got to move forward here or we're all going to die. I admit, it doesn't sound like optimism, but there's no point in freaking out. If it doesn't work, the earth is only one speck of dust, in a vast universe. Actually a speck of dust gives us way too much importance. We're sitting on an atom here. But damn it, where's your fighting spirit? Let's shelve the defeatist End Times stuff and make this work. The Ipod of religion is hooked to some ancient religions that all came into being several thousand years ago. They've been pumping that stuff into your head for way too long. These religions can't all be right, can they? But they can all be wrong. Let's work to keep our species alive. We have come up with a few undeniably great things like football and rock and roll. Let's get these last days of primitive tribal behavior out of our system, and get us some spaceships. It's just about time to move out and explore the galaxy.


At 11:00 AM, Blogger Bix F. said...

Aren't football and rock and roll tribal? ;)

At 11:12 AM, Blogger Bill McDonald said...

Football is tribal and it does involve seizing territory, but instead of napalm landing on you, you just get hit with a bucket of Gatorade.
Rock and roll? That isn't tribal and as far as we know - it's an earthling thing. Besides it's fun. Which was better? The British Invasion or our Invasion of Iraq?

At 11:54 AM, Blogger LaurelhurstDad said...

Your post reminds me of a short story I read years ago. The premise was that the world was on the brink of ‘atomic’ war (that dates it right there). Everyone knew it, but no one knew how to stop it.

One day a guy manages to get on a news show and makes the suggestion that everyone pray for god to make himself known. The idea was that if god were proven real, our wars would seem petty and maybe things would change.

Somehow, the idea spread and soon there was a worldwide day of prayer, asking god to do something to prove he exists.

He does, in a peaceful but totally convincing way. The world at last knew, without any shred of doubt, that God did indeed exist.

Then everyone went to war, fighting over whose god it really was.

As much as I would love to see religion eradicated from the planet, it’s not going to happen. It’s too easy to have someone else tell you how to live your life, even if that life is perpetual misery. For proof, just look at the people who believe what Cheney and Wolfowitz tell them to believe.

At 12:50 PM, Blogger Bix F. said...

Honestly, I'd just be satisfied if people who supported wars -- even if the were truly were somehow justifiable -- would at least be willing to carry the burden of what their support is supporting.

You'd think, when supporting sending off people to fight and die, that the homefront at least has the obligation and responsibility to be honest about what its supporting.


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