Wednesday, July 26, 2006

China to Test Artificial Sun Next Month

The concrete walls are 5 feet of concrete and the roof is 3, which sounds like enough if you're testing the latest hand grenade, but not enough if you're creating an artificial sun on earth. On August 15th China will attempt nuclear fusion - a plasma discharge that could lead to the planet's next big source of energy. This is the Super Bowl of opportunities to say, "What could go wrong?" An artificial sun experiment on planet earth? Don't take any chances. At least encase the concrete walls in a large vat of sun block. Doesn't this remind you of every B-movie ever made? And here's another detail: It happens on a place the Chinese call Science Island. Doesn't that have a Jurassic Park-flavor to it? You can almost see the screaming scientists running down the streets and jumping into the boiling water. Then again, this could be a monumental news story, which would explain why we've seen little about it in the mainstream press. It also could be a flop. Hell, it might even be a hoax. But if the Chinese pull this off and we leave behind the perils of nuclear fission reactors with their incredible radiation problems, and develop something that turns hydrogen into helium and a lot of energy, this could be the breakthrough we have to have. Of course, all that helium and humanity could start sounding funny, but wouldn't you love to tell the oil producing nations of the world to stick it, even if it's in a high squeaky voice? That's what we may have with this, which is why I am hoping the Chinese artificial sun experiment on Science Island is a big success. Even if it sounds crazy just writing the phrase.
China to test its 'artificial sun'


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