Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Tour de France: Some Advice

The controversy rages on as to whether Floyd Landis won the Tour de France by using synthetic testosterone. I have mixed feelings about this because I use synthetic testosterone in some of my political writings. Then again, if the Bush administration hadn't been victimized by phony testosterone, we wouldn't be in Iraq right now. I really am not sure on this one. Floyd seems like a nice kid, and I don't trust the French authorities further than I can throw a snail. His hometown paper - Lancasteronline.com - had this to say:

At Green Mountain Cyclery, the Ephrata bike shop where Landis used to hang out as a teen, owner Mike Farrington stood behind his longtime friend despite the new developments. “If I didn’t know Floyd, I wouldn’t know what to believe, but because I know Floyd, I know that he didn’t do anything wrong,” Farrington said. He criticized the leak of information to the press.

So what is the Portland Freelancer advice on this matter? Okay, here goes: If you're talking about urine samples don't use the word "leak". Sure, you mean news leaks but it just doesn't sound right.


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