Friday, September 01, 2006

Teaser Update: It's Going to be a Few More Weeks

A while ago I posted my first blog teaser, a somewhat pretentious move that implied I had regular readers who are eagerly awaiting my future posts. The reason I did it is that I know a story currently in progress that is so cool it brings a tear to my eye. I will say it's in the music category and no, it does not involve Storm Large. By the way, I am pulling for her, but I hate seeing her cater to these rock stars. It's demeaning and weird. The audition process is better held behind closed doors with the final band presented as a fighting unit. This little game of "Sing us a song and do a little dance and we'll decide if you're going to be rich and famous" is hideous for me. As Elvis sang one time, "Don't Be Cruel". I like it when bands come up the old fashioned way. I wouldn't be surprised if this is a "Wag the Dog" scenario where the process of putting the band together is the story, but then the band ultimately doesn't matter. Rock Supernova could end up as culturally vital as Clay Aiken. I saw the big ad for their concert in the Rose Garden and I wonder if it's even going to happen, especially if our home girl doesn't get the call. Hey, if Storm loses out and the concert sells, at least let Storm Large and the Balls open the show. Why not? It would be a smart move. And speaking of moves, there is a lot of doom and gloom in the music business right now, and rightfully so. If you saw the MTV Video Awards, it just felt wretched, like a giant corporate cluster bomb. However there are some positive developments: The Internet and alternative ways to make it. We now have a middle ground between hitting the big time and being in the local tavern. This bunch of long-lasting touring bands - like "Death Cab For Cutie" for example - represents a kind of rock and roll middle class that is completely positive, and reminiscent of the old days of Vaudeville. You're touring, you're working, but you're not in the mansions. That is a tremendous development. So grieve not. All we need is that next great thing to show up. The Beatles went to Hamburg. We've got the Internet. There is a way, and somewhere out there a young rebel is getting ready to dazzle us all - maybe a whole group of them. At least, I sure hope so. Bob Dylan recently said there hasn't been a decent album in 20 years. We need someone who can dazzle the young crowd, and Bob Dylan all at once. But I digress. Okay, back to the matter at hand: My blog teaser still is in play. I have repeatedly asked for permission to reveal the secret, and the latest word is three more weeks. I don't want to over-hype it. We're not talking about the second coming of Elvis here. Just a very, very moving, wonderful story that I got to see with my own eyes. Stay tuned or downloaded or whatever.


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