Thursday, January 19, 2006


First, I’d like to apologize to Lynn over at Oregon Media Insiders if my last post didn’t work for her. Security is a touchy subject, which is what I wrote back when the Portland City Council was talking about our water supply. At that time I felt any of our vulnerabilities should be dealt with as quietly as possible. What good did it do to publicize the subject and then fund a high-profile study - which I believe cost north of a 100 grand - if we weren’t going to do anything anyway?
There are days when the world seems like a silly place and there are days like today. Government officials have requested that we think about security right now. Maybe I’m missing something but I think discussing the security concerns of a highly visible project like the tram is profoundly necessary. Furthermore, I have yet to talk to anyone in private about this subject for any length of time, when they haven’t expressed worries about this aspect of the tram. Just being on it if someone gets weird is enough to give many people the creeps. At least with the Max you’re on the ground.
How about a compromise? We go on not talking honestly about the construction costs, the operational budget, and the true purpose of the tram. I’ll concede the City Council all the secrecy and deception they want on that.
Instead, let’s just look at this thing from a security point of view. That alone should be enough to sink this turkey.


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