Wednesday, April 26, 2006

The Ballad of Judy, Joni, and Diane

I hear Judy Collins sang at a YWCA luncheon today in Portland at the Convention Center. I always think of her as the singer who broke “Both Sides Now” by Joni Mitchell. I love Joni Mitchell. What a monster voice, and so original with the guitar tunings. Check out “Woman of Heart and Mind":
"All this talk about holiness now
It must be the start of the latest style
Is it all books and words
or do you really feel it?
Do you really laugh?
Do you really care?
Do you really smile
when you smile?
You criticize and you flatter
You imitate the best
and the rest you memorize
You know the times you impress me most
are the times when you don’t try
When you don’t even try"
I can honestly say that last line helped influence how I was around women. Relax, stop showing off, and be real. Or try to be, anyway.
By the way, who should show at the lunch but Diane Linn. So that’s one appointment we know she really did make. Yikes. She’s in big trouble, and for awhile she stood alone at the banquet, seemingly shunned. No ice cream castles in the air for her this morning.


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