Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Comedian Dwight Slade: Major Appearance This Thursday

When last we heard from Dwight Slade he was riding helicopters around Afghanistan entertaining our troops in the middle of a war zone. But now it gets really tough: This Thursday night he performs in Beaverton at the Comedy Club Westside, 8775 SW Canyon Ln. The reason is to prepare for his next gig: One month in Edinburgh, Scotland at the Comedy Festival Fringe 2006. Afghanistan, Scotland? Dwight - listen to me, bro - it might be time to get another agent. Whatever happened to a weekend gig in Vegas? Oh well. It's tough on him, but it's great for Portland. For a mere 3 bucks, you can arrive at 8, get your swerve on(whatever that means), and then listen to Dwight for an hour starting at 9. No opening acts, just the Scotland Show debuted. Which is easier? Catching him here in Beaverton or flying to Edinburgh in August?


At 12:17 PM, Anonymous Dwight Slade said...

I highly reccommend this show and this blog. You may wonder what kind of comedian would promote a show through the Portland Freelancer, but please don't hold that against me. As you can see, I am full of caustic and biting humor. Thank you, Bill, for the mention.

At 12:35 PM, Anonymous Tenskwatawa said...

Dwight, in Edinborough hobnobbing for August perhaps a fan can find you out going who is going to be there same time and distance.

That would be Harry Shearer (dot COM)

As reported on his weekly Le Show, (OPB's KOAC Corvallis 550 AM, Sunday's 20:00), archived in the Le Show archives.

Then Harry met Slade ...?

At 4:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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